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Attwood, first US envoy who angered Kenyatta

At the expiry of his term, President Jomo Kenyatta was pleased to hear so and teased him: “I am told you’re coming back to live here.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 23, 2019

Uhuru and I don’t come from political dynasties - Raila

President Uhuru Kenyatta's father Jomo Kenyatta was Kenya's founding father in 1963, Raila's father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga was the first Vice President and the doyen opposition in Kenya, while Baringo Senator Gideon Moi's father Daniel arap Moi was Kenya's second President.

The Star , Kenya Feb 21, 2019

WYCLIFFE MUGA: Machiavelli to Dr Ruto: Patience

This is something I have had occasion to point out before: Was not Jomo Kenyatta, already well past middle age, when he was detained for about seven years for agitating for majority rule in Kenya?

The Star , Kenya Feb 20, 2019

JKIA takeover: MPs link Kenyatta family

Read: MPs oppose bid to have KQ run Jomo Kenyatta airport Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter, a friend of the committee, sought clarification of the ownership of the 28 airliners operated by Kenya Airways.

The Star , Kenya Feb 20, 2019

Meeting Jomo among Mambo Mbotela’s fondest memories

Veteran radio broadcaster Leonard Mambo Mbotela says he still remembers when he first met the first President of Kenya, the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

The Star , Kenya Feb 19, 2019

Morality police can stop beach sex, say clerics

He said police only patrol the Jomo Kenyatta public beach, ignoring lkilometres of other beaches in Mtwapa and Kikambala, which the youths have turned into play zones.

The Star , Kenya Feb 19, 2019

Revealed: How Dedan Kimathi was shot

He had previously served as the secretary of Kenya African Union (Kau) in Nyahururu, a position that a 1953 Kenya Police report claimed he was handpicked for by “Jomo Kenyatta personally on one of his last visits in 1951.” The Nation has obtained a confidential profile of him compiled by the Special Branch at the height of the Emergency, and which describes Kimathi as “councillor and coordinator”.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 18, 2019

InterCon Hotel may be auctioned

The strategically located five-star hotel overlooking the mausoleum of founding President Jomo Kenyatta and Parliament buildings is in the red to a tune of more than Sh700 million as at the end of last year.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 18, 2019

Atwoli roots for more inclusive state, presidential system unfair

He asked Ruto to borrow a leaf from the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga who resigned from government in principle after disagreeing with President Jomo Kenyatta.

The Star , Kenya Feb 17, 2019

CORNEL RASANGA: Case for constitutional change

Uhuru, son of the nation’s Founding Father Jomo Kenyatta is not a cut, copy and paste of his predecessors.

The Star , Kenya Feb 17, 2019