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Beware of super gonorrhoea on the prowl, doctors warn

Both women have since been cured after the infections were resistant to main therapy, and Public Health England is now investigating if the cases are linked, Yahoo News Uk has reported.

Punch , Nigeria Jan 10, 2019

Paris’ naked restaurant closes doors due to a lack of customers

O’Naturel’s opening in November 2017 made global headlines but its infamy seems to have done nothing for its shelf life, Yahoo News Uk has reported.

Punch , Nigeria Jan 9, 2019

Thais get surprise New Year gift as govt approves marijuana for medical use

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Punch , Nigeria Dec 25, 2018

Plane makes U-turn midair as crew discovers human heart on board

Yahoo News Uk reports that the captain said the heart should have been left in Seattle after an earlier flight from Sacramento and taken to a hospital.

Punch , Nigeria Dec 14, 2018