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Vytjie Mentor 'fighting to the bitter end' after Zondo commission cross-examination

Experts who inspected the Gupta compound in Saxonwold could not find many of the features that Mentor claimed to have noticed during her visit in 2010.

Times Live , South Africa Feb 18, 2019

WATCH LIVE | Lungisa Fuzile and Treasury team testify at state capture inquiry

The commission presented evidence that did not corroborate Mentor’s first testimony at the inquiry in 2018, including her description of the Gupta compound in Saxonwold, Johannesburg, and her flights to that city.

Times Live , South Africa Feb 18, 2019

#StateCaptureInquiry shows how Gupta fingers reached into many pies

Kaunda was said to have invited Mentor to a meeting with Zuma in 2010, which actually turned out to be with Ajay at the Gupta family home in Saxonwold, while Mtolo is alleged to have coerced Mentor into removing Zuma’s name from the statement she originally made to the Hawks in 2016 regarding his involvement in the Guptas’ improper conduct.

IOL , South Africa Feb 17, 2019

Ajay Gupta no longer a fugitive after arrest warrant withdrawn

Gupta had maintained that he was not a fugitive in South Africa after the asset forfeiture unit, Sars and the police raided his family compound in Saxonwold last year.

EWN , South Africa Feb 14, 2019

Gupta brother offered Vytjie Mentor a cabinet post: Dennis Bloem

Bloem, who at the time was one of Mentor's ANC colleagues in parliament, corroborated parts of Mentor's testimony to the commission relating to an alleged meeting she had with the Gupta family at their Saxonwold home in 2010.

Times Live , South Africa Feb 14, 2019

#StateCaptureInquiry: Bloem backs up Mentor's testimony

Bloem said he was part of the joint intelligence committee of Parliament in 2010 when he was approached by Mentor who told him that she had been invited to meet with one of the Gupta brothers at the family compound in Saxonwold.

IOL , South Africa Feb 14, 2019

Bloem and McBride to testify at #StateCaptureInquiry

She had testified about the Gupta compound in Saxonwold and went into grave detail about the house where she had met Gupta.

IOL , South Africa Feb 13, 2019

Cope's Bloem says Vytjie Mentor told him of Gupta ministerial job offer

"She was told me that she was very angry when these people told her, there at the home in Saxonwold, about this offer and what the condition was for them to appoint her as minister of Public Enterprises."

EWN , South Africa Feb 13, 2019

#StateCaptureInquiry: Vytjie Mentor insists records were tampered with

From the meeting, she was transported to the Gupta home in Saxonwold, where she was allegedly offered a ministerial position.

News 24 , South Africa Feb 12, 2019

#StateCaptureInquiry: Vytjie Mentor sticks to guns over Kaunda call

asked Zondo "I would say a lot of time has elapsed since I went public on blowing the whistle on state capture and my encounter at Saxonwold.

IOL , South Africa Feb 12, 2019