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RWENZURURU: 87 royal guards return from hiding

The royal guards went into hiding in 2016 following a raid by the military and police on the palace of Rwenzururu King, Charles Wesley Mumbere.

The Independent , Uganda Feb 21, 2019

Janet order on ‘backdoor’ admissions brings change

He pleaded with Mweru to recommend him to King’s College Budo.

The Observer , Uganda Feb 20, 2019

British Labour Party seeks reparations for Kenya’s WWII heroes

In 1942, in his early 20s, Yusuf left his home in Nairobi, to join the King’s African Rifles (KAR) — a regiment raised from Britain's East African colonies — and was sent to Somaliland, then Burma, one of the most horrific battlegrounds of WW2 and a place beset by tropical disease and tough terrain.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 18, 2019

King Michael to stage concert this year

Self proclaimed dancehall King , King Michael has this year expressed interest in holding a concert.

Big Eye , Uganda Feb 18, 2019

Reject referendum if it's for political gain, Machakos leaders tell electorate

MPs Stephen Mule (Matungulu), Patrick Makau (Mavoko) and Muthwani MCA George King’ori said there is no need for a referendum if it is only intended to make people get political seats.

The Star , Kenya Feb 17, 2019

KATIBA WATCH: Constitution did not intend the President to make law like 14th century monarch

Once upon a time, in a country far away and long ago, the King (occasionally Queen) could refuse to sign (called vetoing) new laws passed by Parliament.

The Star , Kenya Feb 15, 2019

GOR: To end graft, should we kill all lawyers?

They have been accused of abetting corrupt deals and adding fuel to the cooKing pot of corruption by defending the corrupt in court.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 13, 2019

Substitute teacher accused of 'trying to put black kids down'

Instead, he and his family allege the sub berated the fifth-grader for his clothing and made other outlandish remarks - invoKing President Trump and religion before falsely telling students the Rev.

IOL , South Africa Feb 13, 2019

It’s time for heavyweight boxing champions to make history in Africa | The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper - Nigeria and World News

Meanwhile, despite his promoters booKing Wembley Stadium a half year in advance, Anthony Joshua has failed to secure an opponent for today at the 90,000-seater venue.

The Guardian , Nigeria Feb 12, 2019

Rap sees landmark Grammy wins after years of snubs

But unlike in years past, the artists snagged a handful of major wins - perhaps a sign that the Recording Academy is slowly getting in touch with pop culture's more groundbreaKing work.

EWN , South Africa Feb 10, 2019