Bobi Wine News

RDC asks police to confiscate People Power red attires

People Power political movement was popularised by Afro-beat artist and Kyadondo East Member of Parliament, Mr Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, to advocate for change in Uganda's political leadership.

Daily Monitor , Uganda Jan 17, 2019

COMMENT: Museveni shouldn’t limit alternative leaders

Increasingly, it is no longer even ‘‘news’’ when members of the opposition are blocked from holding meetings, rallies, prayers, and music concerts, as is the case with singer and Member of parliament, Robert Kyagulanyi better known by his stage name—Bobi Wine.

The Independent , Uganda Jan 16, 2019

Mobilizing Bebe Cool as our national poet

The Tubonga Nawe musical, which rented most of the best hands in the industry, had one stubborn exception, Bobi Wine.

The Observer , Uganda Jan 16, 2019

Special appeal to Bobi Wine on Tuliyambala Engule song

This goes out to all God-fearing people (believers) and in particular musician-cum-politician, Bobi Wine (Robert Kyagulanyi, MP Kyadondo East constituency).

The Observer , Uganda Jan 16, 2019

Uganda presidential age limit challenged in court

Young Ugandans have recently been energised by pop star-turned-MP Bobi Wine, who spearheaded protests against the age-limit amendment and has rapidly become a thorn in the government's side.

EWN , South Africa Jan 14, 2019

Bobi Wine’s songs display a blend of music, politics

Bobi Wine’s pond skater move to a political personage hinges on his musical muscle with seismic influence over his fans to render them infinitely more responsive to his persuasions.

Daily Monitor , Uganda Jan 14, 2019

Eddy Kenzo sets the concert ball rolling

The music and showmanship may have been eclipsed by that Bobi Wine - Bebe Cool ‘reunion’, but what many fans walked away with was ‘what a show!’ Bebe Cool dressed in a red Adidas outfit greeted a casually smart Bobi Wine, hugged him, laughed with him, making Kenzo’s fans happy; no one knows if the reunion is real or just politics.

The Observer , Uganda Jan 14, 2019

Stop being cowards, Fr Gaetano tells youth

His call comes at a time when Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, is championing the cause for a better country.

Daily Monitor , Uganda Jan 14, 2019

Lokodo suspends Pastor Ssempa from Pornography Control Committee

Ssempa has in the past weeks been in the media attacking Bobi Wine.

The Independent , Uganda Jan 14, 2019

ANTONY NKUUBI: African democracy: Is it really entrenched?

Musician-turned-politician Bobi Wine endured the brunt of the merciless state mercenaries for leading protests against Museveni.

The Star , Kenya Jan 13, 2019