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East Libyan forces say they have full control of El Sharara oilfield

Kennah had flown on the weekend to the nearby El Feel oilfield and later made it to El Sharara, but failed to take control of it, oil workers have said.

Reuters , Africa Feb 11, 2019

Exclusive: East Libyan force wants to take El Sharara oilfield by talks

Tensions there and at the nearby 70,000 bpd El Feel field have risen in past days after the LNA banned flights without its permission.

Reuters , Africa Feb 11, 2019

UN-recognised govt of Libya says its forces reach El Sharara oil field

Separately, an eastern Libyan military plane intercepted on Sunday a civilian plane after it took off from the El Feel oilfield, forcing it to land in the southern region of Sebha, said a source from the eastern-based armed forces.

Reuters , Africa Feb 10, 2019

East Libyan forces launch air strikes near el Feel oilfield - engineer

BENGHAZI, Libya (Reuters) - Eastern Libyan forces loyal to commander Khalifa Haftar carried out four air strikes near the El Feel oilfield as a warning to a rival commander, a field engineer said on Saturday.

Reuters , Africa Feb 9, 2019

East Libyan warplanes strike near El Feel oilfield - Al Hadath TV

CAIRO (Reuters) - East Libyan forces warplanes have struck targets near the El Feel oilfield, the al Hadath TV station reported on Saturday.

Reuters , Africa Feb 9, 2019