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Venezuelan troops kill one in first bloodshed linked to aid entry

KUMARAKAPAY, Venezuela/CUCUTA, Colombia (Reuters) - Venezuelan troops killed at least one person and wounded several others on Friday near the Brazilian border, witnesses said, the first bloodshed linked to opposition efforts to bring aid into the South American country against the wishes of embattled President Nicolas Maduro.

Reuters , Africa Feb 22, 2019

Venezuela braces for dueling government, opposition concerts | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News

The spectacle will play out on opposite ends of a 300-meter bridge connecting Venezuela with Colombia to the west.

The Guardian , Nigeria Feb 22, 2019

China says humanitarian aid should not be forced into Venezuela

REUTERS/Andres Martinez Casares Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro threatened to close the border with Colombia on Thursday as opposition leader Juan Guaido and some 80 lawmakers ran a gauntlet of roadblocks trying to get to the frontier to receive humanitarian aid.

Reuters , Africa Feb 22, 2019

Venezuela's Maduro closes Brazil border to block aid entry

Maduro said he's also weighing whether to shut down border with Colombia.

News 24 , South Africa Feb 22, 2019

Maduro shuts border with Brazil as Guaido goes in search of aid

Guaido set out in a convoy of vehicles to personally pick up US aid being stockpiled on the other side of the Colombian border, defying Maduro's military to stop him.

EWN , South Africa Feb 21, 2019

Maduro shuts Venezuela's border with Brazil | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News

The embattled socialist leader also said he was considering “a total closure of the border with Colombia” to Venezuela’s west.

The Guardian , Nigeria Feb 21, 2019

Crowds see off Venezuela convoy headed to Colombia border for aid

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido left Caracas with some 80 lawmakers on Thursday on a 800-km (500-mile) trip to the Colombian border where they hope to receive food and medicine to alleviate shortages in defiance of President Nicolas Maduro.

Reuters , Africa Feb 21, 2019

Chilean fans clean toilets after eliminating Brazil rivals

The Union La Calera fans also sang chants in homage to the Brazilian club whose team was wiped out by an air disaster on their way to play in the final of the same competition in Colombia in November 2016.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 21, 2019

Postponement: Give INEC benefit of doubt

Nigeria’s global notoriety as a dysfunctional state has plunged lower: yet, war-wracked Iraq, Afghanistan and Colombia conduct successful elections.” Well, I posit that for everything in life, there is time and season.

Punch , Nigeria Feb 20, 2019

Venezuela’s military on red alert for US aid invasion

Venezuela: Spain, Germany, France give Maduro ultimatum Aid is being stored in Colombia near the Venezuelan border and Guaido aims also to bring in consignments via Brazil and Curacao, wh9ich is off the coast of Venezuela.

Vanguard News , Nigeria Feb 20, 2019