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Tackling the resilience of racism in 2019

They said it was all in "the interest of helping the children to fit into the school milieu" where the language of instruction is Afrikaans.

News 24 , South Africa Jan 22, 2019

Interracial kiss has some '7de Laan' viewers fuming on social media

Actress Carina Nel, who portrays the character Alexa in the popular Afrikaans soapie, reportedly received hate mail from viewers after kissing actor Nicholas Nkuna, whose character Fikani had been her love interest for some months.

News 24 , South Africa Jan 21, 2019

Schweizer-Reneke: A town where segregation rules

The chairperson of the school governing body, J du Plessis, in keeping with the ultra-right conservative thinking in the town, says the children were likely to have been separated because the blacks spoke Setswana only, while their peers spoke Afrikaans.

IOL , South Africa Jan 20, 2019

'Coligny eyewitness lied about race attack' - report

The only eyewitness in the infamous Coligny murder trial against two white men convicted for throwing a teenager from a bakkie has apparently admitted he lied, according to a report in the Afrikaans Sunday newspaper Rapport.

Times Live , South Africa Jan 20, 2019

TIMELINE: A whirlwind of racism and emotions for Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke

A picture depicted them showing black pupils sitting far away behind door from white pupils in a classroom at the school where Afrikaans is the medium of instruction.

News 24 , South Africa Jan 19, 2019

WATCH: Full transcript of Bosasa video before state capture commission of inquiry

AVT : (Counts again in Afrikaans).

News 24 , South Africa Jan 18, 2019

Schweizer-Reneke teacher says she detests racism as she fights suspension

As the school was in the past predominantly Afrikaans, it used interpreters to assist with translation.

IOL , South Africa Jan 17, 2019

'I detest racism' - Barkhuizen gives her version of what happened at Schweizer-Reneke school

READ MORE: Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke: Principal, teacher facing suspension amid probe - source Barkhuizen added that Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke was an Afrikaans-language school, but that a constructive effort had been made to accommodate learners who had difficulties with Afrikaans and, in some instances, with English as well.

News 24 , South Africa Jan 17, 2019

Poor governance, not racism to blame for Schweizer-Reneke divisions

The historian, Dan O'Meara, could have had grandpa in mind when he said: "The structure of South African capitalism offered few opportunities to those whose home language was Afrikaans.

News 24 , South Africa Jan 16, 2019

Shweshwe: the fabric of SA’s turbulent history

They had different names for the distinctive fabric: bloudruk (Afrikaans), ujamani and idarki (Xhosa), seshoeshoe (Sotho) and isishweshwe by the Zulu.

Times Live , South Africa Jan 15, 2019