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Security cameras begin to bear fruits

Esau Nduhukire (right) and Musa Byamukama after the arrest CRIME POLICE CAMERA Police have burst a racket of phone thieves who have been operating along traffic-jam packed routes in and around Kampala city.

New Vision , Uganda Jan 2, 2019

Two arrested after CCTV camera captures passengers being robbed-

Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Mr Luke Owoyesigyire said Esau Nduhukire was arrested together with Musa Byamukama for being in possession of suspected stolen items.

Daily Monitor , Uganda Jan 2, 2019

Socialite Nasser granted bail, survives re-arrest

Pending verification of the bail conditions set by the chief magistrate, Nduhukire was remanded back to Kigo prison, surviving a re-arrest from the waiting police officers.

New Vision , Uganda Dec 18, 2018