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Putting Buhari’s Next Level proposition on the crucible | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News

Or will he look only to his Fulani stock for appointees to government’s juicy offices, as has been the case?

The Guardian , Nigeria Mar 11, 2019

Sedated from Within: A catalogue of Nigeria’s litany of woes

From chapter seven, the book touches on the sore issue of the Hausa-Fulani agenda to Islamize Nigeria, profiling throes of violent crises that have wrecked the country, from the bloody Islamic proselytization of a large part of Nigeria, to the 1966 military coup, the Zagon Kataf crises, to the more recent insurgent Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen.

Vanguard News , Nigeria Mar 10, 2019

Hanging national electoral contest on the platform of ethnic affiliation

In this year’s elections, the two leading presidential candidates are Fulani men and nobody can say Nigerians voted according to ethnic sentiments.

Punch , Nigeria Mar 9, 2019

Nigeria Decides: Nnamdi Kanu attacks Amaechi, tells Igbos who to vote in Rivers, Akwa Ibom, others

Kanu said: “The unfolding war of election being waged by Fulani Janjaweed Nigerian military against the people of southern Biafra all in a bid to recover Gov.

Daily Post , Nigeria Mar 9, 2019

Kajuru village wallowing in a sea of unending controversy

After the Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufai, announced that 66 Fulani had been killed in Kajuru Local Government Area of the state, it soon became a subject of controversy as there were allegations that the state government was not being truthful.

Punch , Nigeria Mar 8, 2019

One vote that opposition party might want nullified

On February 15, the Kaduna State Government announced that 66 people (now put at over 130) were killed in a Fulani settlement in Kajuru LGA.

Punch , Nigeria Mar 7, 2019

Man allegedly caught with human skull in Oyo

David Olorunsogo, Ibadan The Oyo State Police Command, on Wednesday in Ibadan, paraded a 30-year-old suspected Fulani man, Musa Ahmed, who was allegedly caught with a human skull in Ogbomoso.

Punch , Nigeria Mar 7, 2019

Police arrest Fulani man with human skull, 17 others in Oyo [PHOTOS]

Men of the Oyo State Police Command Wednesday said that they have arrested a 30-year old Fulani man, Musa Ahmed, with human skull in Ogbomoso area of the state.

Daily Post , Nigeria Mar 6, 2019

2019 elections: The thing about tension between Yoruba and Igbo

By Rotimi Fasan IN a national election that in the main featured two Fulani politicians as presidential candidates, the Yoruba and Igbo are again at loggerheads, locking horns over a matter that some would say at best makes them meddlesome busybodies and mere bystanders.

Vanguard News , Nigeria Mar 6, 2019

Emmanuel Onwubiko: Deconstructing Buhari’s “tough” last term

If all these tough measures are adopted universally not minding political, ethnic or religious affiliations, and if strategic security jobs are allocated to reflect federal character principles and not concentrated in the hands of Fulani and Hausa Moslems then it is a welcomed tough tenure.

Daily Post , Nigeria Mar 4, 2019