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TV girl Jacque Maribe, detained lover Jowi in tight romantic embrace before cameras

- Maribe and her lover were arrested in connection with murder or Monica Kimani in Kilamani, Nairobi - Jowi is said to have been among last people at scene of crime and Maribe played a role in covering up the alleged murder - The duo are known to be lovers but showed no signs of love in the many times they appeared before court - Jowi was denied bail and remanded until June 2019 when his case comes up for hearing - Latest events and how the duo embraced each other however confirmed to all and sundry there is no love lost TV girl Jacque Maribe’s relationship with fiancé Joseph Irungu may be in limbo, but the two took to prove there was no bad blood between them on Tuesday, December 18, in quite the rare moment.

Tuko , Kenya Dec 18, 2018

Court warned that Jacque Maribe’s detained lover’s wounds could easily get worse

- Irungu allegedly shot himself, injuring upper part of left arm moments before he was arrested over murder - Medical report showed Irungu urgently requires physiotherapy to stimulate injured nerves - The doctor warned the injuries could see his left hand develop permanent problem if the muscles stiffen up - Irungi is remanded until June 2019 when court is to hear his case where he is accused of murdering Monica Kimani - He was arrested alongside lover Jacque Maribe who later granted bail pending hearing of her case Joseph Irungu popularly known as Jowie urgently requires physiotherapy to stimulate nerves the self-inflicted wound on his left chest or forever have disabled limb.

Tuko , Kenya Dec 18, 2018

Is Jacque Maribe eyeing Murang'a Woman Rep seat?

Maribe and her fiance Joseph Irungu, alias Jowie, are facing murder charges in relation to the brutal murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani on the night of September 3.

The Star , Kenya Dec 18, 2018

Love in the dock: Maribe, Jowie passionately hug during case mention

The two are facing murder charges in the case of business lady Monica Kimani.

The Star , Kenya Dec 18, 2018

Jowie needs physiotherapy, doctor tells court

A doctor has told a Nairobi court that suspect in the Monica Kimani murder Joseph Irungu alias suspect needs to undergo therapy to treat his hand.

Daily Nation , Kenya Dec 18, 2018

Sharon Otieno, Miguna and Jacque Maribe top Google trends 2018

Maribe trended after she was charged with the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani in September.

The Star , Kenya Dec 11, 2018

Son ‘kills’ dad after sodomy claim

Mwatate police boss Monica Kimani said they are holding the suspect and would charge him once police conclude investigations.

The Star , Kenya Dec 2, 2018

Jacque Maribe’s detained lover Joseph Irungu claims he is being tortured at Kamiti Maximum Prison

Irungu, the main suspect in the Monica Kimani murder case, made the allegations as his defence team told the court that they have been informed of his transfer to the Prison.

Tuko , Kenya Nov 28, 2018

Judge orders KNH to admit, treat Jowie

Irungu and TV journalist Jacque Maribe were charged with killing Monica Kimani on September 19.

The Star , Kenya Nov 27, 2018

Prosecution agrees to allow Maribe into her residence

Maribe’s mobile phone and car were confiscated as part of investigations into the murder of Monica Kimani.

The Standard , Kenya Nov 27, 2018