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Poland arrests two over spying allegations, including Huawei employee

Polish public TV channel TVP said security services had also searched the local offices of Huawei; the offices of telecoms firm Orange Polska (OPL.WA) (ORAN.PA), where it said the Polish national works; and Poland’s Office of Electronic Communications, the country’s telecoms regulator.

Reuters , Africa Jan 11, 2019

Poland arrests Huawei director suspected of spying

Orange Polska spokesman Wojciech Jabczynski told AFP that “ABW officials carried out items belonging to one of our employees on Tuesday.” “We have no information as to whether this is at all related to his work duties.” SECURITY RISK The arrest comes just over a month after Canada detained Meng on a US extradition request, a move that infuriated China which warned Canada of “serious consequences”.

EWN , South Africa Jan 10, 2019