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Ekuru Aukot's lawsuit angers atheists in Kenya president

- Harrison Mumia claimed Aukot was seeking attention after he lost credibility and public trust - He said Aukot lost his credibility the day he decided to participate in the October 26 repeat presidential poll - Aukot had moved to court to push for disbandment of the Building Bridges Initiative's taskforce claiming it is unconstitutional - The task-force was jointly appointed by Uhuru and Raila following the March 9, 2018, peace agreement Atheists in Kenya president, Harrison Mumia, has poured cold water on a petition filed in court by Thirdway Alliance party boss, Ekuru Aukot, who is seeking to have the Building Bridges Initiative's taskforce disbanded.

Tuko , Kenya Dec 16, 2018

Kenyatta hints strongly that constitutional change is inevitable

However, opposition politician Ekuru Aukot of the Thirdway Alliance has gone to court seeking to disband the team, whose work he terms a waste of public resources.

The East African , Kenya Dec 16, 2018

Aukot wants Uhuru-Raila unity team disbanded

Thirdway Alliance leader Ekuru Aukot has gone to court seeking to disband the Building Bridges’ Advisory Task Force arguing that it is a waste of public resources.

Daily Nation , Kenya Dec 14, 2018

Disband Building Bridges task force, Aukot asks court

Thirdway Alliance leader Ekuru Aukot has filed a petition in court seeking the dissolution of the Building Bridges taskforce.

The Star , Kenya Dec 13, 2018

Aukot in court to block ‘handshake’ taskforce

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 13 – Thirdway Alliance Party leader and former presidential candidate Ekuru Aukot has moved to court seeking to stop the Building Bridges taskforce from continuing with its mandate.

Capital News , Kenya Dec 13, 2018

SRC to appeal ruling on MCAs’ higher perks

WAGE BILL At the same time, Thirdway Alliance party leader Ekuru Aukot, who has launched an online campaign seeking to reduce the number of legislators, termed the ruling insensitive to the public.

Daily Nation , Kenya Dec 12, 2018

Gender Bill debate: The burden of nominated MPs

Thirdway Alliance party leader Ekuru Aukot last week wrote to the IEBC requesting a referendum to reconstruct the Senate and National Assembly voting processes by doing away with all constituencies as currently set.

The Star , Kenya Nov 23, 2018

Government urged to set up inquiry into extrajudicial killings

Addressing a joint press conference jointly at the Haki Africa offices, executive director Hussein Khalid and Thirdway Alliance party leader Ekuru Aukot called for the immediate setting of the judicial inquiry to address the worrying rise of extrajudicial killings across the country.

The Star , Kenya Nov 22, 2018

Aukot scoffs at Duale's Gender Bill

That section of the law says that not more than two-thirds of the members of appointive and elective public bodies should comprise of either gender Thirdway Alliance of Kenya party leader, Dr Ekuru Aukot, has poured cold water on the current push to achieve the constitutionally mandated two-thirds gender rule through the Gender Bill, saying its proponents in Parliament are operating in pretense.

Daily Nation , Kenya Nov 21, 2018

Aukot criticises Two-Thirds Gender Bill, denies fishing for job

Thirdway partly leader Ekuru Aukot said the bill is inadequate and contradicts President Uhuru Kenyatta's concerns about how expensive it is to implement the Constitution.

The Star , Kenya Nov 21, 2018