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Trump dilemma: Preserve Saudi alliance or declare prince a murderer

The Saudi assassination of a US-based journalist has put President Donald Trump in an intractable bind.

New Vision , Uganda Nov 20, 2018

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Trump's asylum order faces legal hurdles Civil rights groups in California on Monday urged a US judge to temporarily halt an order by President Donald Trump that bars asylum for migrants who illegally cross the border with Mexico.

News 24 , South Africa Nov 20, 2018

Bin Laden should have been captured sooner — Trump

WASHINGTON, President Donald Trump repeated Monday that Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, killed by US Navy SEALs in May 2011, should have been captured much earlier, casting blame on his predecessors and Pakistan.

Daily Nation , Kenya Nov 19, 2018

Saudi king backs son amid furore over Khashoggi murder

But US President Donald Trump has praised Saudi Arabia as a "truly spectacular ally" and has refrained from blaming Prince Mohammed despite the Central Intelligence Agency's reported assessment that he was behind the killing.

Daily Nation , Kenya Nov 19, 2018

U.S. considers adding Venezuela to terrorism sponsors list - source

On Nov. 1, President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed a disrupting Venezuela’s gold exports.

Reuters , Africa Nov 19, 2018

US mid-terms: Rejection or affirmation of ‘Trumpism’?

Well, it is over two years into Donald Trump’s Presidency, and some might say, he has still not learnt to think as a President, nor is he even willing to, or ever capable of doing so from all indications.

Punch , Nigeria Nov 19, 2018

Hope in our democratic future

However, things are looking good because things have changed considerably and opposition to the revisionist tendencies of Donald Trump and his likes cuts across racial divides.

Punch , Nigeria Nov 19, 2018

Senators sue Trump over appointment of justice chief Whitaker

Three Democratic senators sued on Monday to challenge President Donald Trump's appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general.

News 24 , South Africa Nov 19, 2018

Exclusive - After Khashoggi murder, some Saudi royals turn against king’s favourite son

President Donald Trump on Saturday called the CIA assessment that MbS ordered Khashoggi’s killing “very premature” but “possible”, and said he would receive a complete report on the case on Tuesday.

Reuters , Africa Nov 19, 2018

Khashoggi death tape: Trump says no reason for him to hear 'violent, vicious' killing

US President Donald Trump said there is no reason for him to listen to a recording of the "very violent, very vicious" killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, which has put him in a diplomatic bind: How to admonish Riyadh for the slaying yet maintain strong ties with a close ally.

News 24 , South Africa Nov 19, 2018