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Schools still charge illegal extra levies, principals to be punished – ministry

Parents deserve a refund for the loss they have incurred on the extra levy during these hard economic times,” Kenya Parents Association chairman Nicholas Maiyo told the Star yesterday.

The Star , Kenya Jan 10, 2019

Crisis looms as 100% transition to high schools threatens learning

Kenya Parents Association chairman Nicholas Maiyo urged the government to ensure admission does not compromise the quality of education.

The Star , Kenya Jan 9, 2019

Parents mull action over extra school levies

“We have asked parents to give us names of schools that are seeking extra funds from parents so that we can forward the names to the ministry for appropriate action,” the association’s chairman Nicholas Maiyo said yesterday.

The Star , Kenya Jan 8, 2019

Teachers and parents slam FGM, pregnancy tests plan

Parents Association Chairman Nicholas Maiyo echoed the sentiments saying subjecting the girls to FGM inspection infringes on their fundamental rights.

The Star , Kenya Jan 3, 2019

Parents criticise Knut over planned strike

Association chairman Nicholas Maiyo said issues raised by Knut had already being addressed by TSC together with the ministries of Education and Labour.

The Star , Kenya Jan 2, 2019

Uncertainty grips Kisumu parents as teachers' strike looms

Chairman Nicholas Maiyo said union officials should also consider the Constitution that provides not only for their members’ rights to fair labour relations but also the children’s right to quality education.

The Star , Kenya Jan 2, 2019

Teachers reject new syllabus launch date

Instead, we were instructed on the launch.” Last evening, National Parents Association chairman Nicholas Maiyo backed the January launch date, saying parents are ready for it.

Daily Nation , Kenya Dec 24, 2018

Outcry as schools withhold Form One letters

Kenya Parents Association boss Nicholas Maiyo asked parents not to pay any school fees being demanded by schools to enable them access their children’s documents.

Daily Nation , Kenya Dec 18, 2018

Uproar after new curriculum suspended

Parents association chairman Nicholas Maiyo said they were surprised by the government's sudden change of heart.

Daily Nation , Kenya Dec 12, 2018