Irungu News

Elderly woman, 70, raped and murdered

Nyahururu Assistant County Commissioner Julia Irungu said detectives have started investigations.

Daily Nation , Kenya Dec 16, 2018

Mixed feelings as Kenya marks 70th human rights anniversary

In 1948, when the universal rights were adopted, Irungu says all Kenyans were subjects of the Queen, forced to wear passbooks around in their necks and had no freedom on where to live, what to say or who to vote for.

The Star , Kenya Dec 10, 2018

State saved Mau from grabbers – PS

The government saved more than 91,428 acres of forest land in the Mau water tower from grabbers and encroachers in two years, Water PS Joseph Irungu said yesterday.

The Star , Kenya Dec 6, 2018

Using flies to improve sanitation

Listening to Joy Irungu, the lead researcher who is the brain behind the project, explain the process, one wonders why sanitation should remain a problem after commercialisation of this invention.

Daily Nation , Kenya Dec 5, 2018

Airports agency fights to recover 11,000 acres from JKIA grabbers

“If land has been reserved for public use, how can it go to the private hands?” Gathii Irungu, representing Kemsa urged the commissioners to go to the area for fact-finding tour.

The Star , Kenya Dec 5, 2018

Touching photo of Jacque Maribe's mum comforting murder suspect Jowie in court emerges Kenya News

TV girl Jacque Maribe's lover Joseph Irungu alias Jowie has had his fair share of ups and downs ever since he was named as the main murder suspect following the brutal killing of businesswoman Monica Nyawira Kimani.

Tuko , Kenya Nov 28, 2018

Jacque Maribe’s detained lover Joseph Irungu claims he is being tortured at Kamiti Maximum Prison

- Jowie's lawyers claimed they had just been informed he had been transfered to Kamiti Maximum Prison - They argued their were issues which had been raised by Jowie regarding torture at the prison - The prosecution said it would investigate the matter and report back to the court - The court also demanded Jowie be admitted at KNH where he is supposed to have a surgery on his arm Embattled TV news anchor Jacque Maribe's lover Joseph Irungu alias Jowie claims he is being tortured at Kamiti Maximum Prison.

Tuko , Kenya Nov 28, 2018

Judge orders KNH to admit, treat Jowie

Kenyatta National Hospital has been ordered to immediately admit murder suspect Joseph Irungu aka Jowie.

The Star , Kenya Nov 27, 2018

Prosecution agrees to allow Maribe into her residence

Investigators claimed Maribe’s co-accused and fiance Joseph Irungu alias Jowie used the car.

The Standard , Kenya Nov 27, 2018

Maribe allowed to access her house

Economy Maribe allowed to access her house The High Court has granted Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe a leeway to access her house while the prosecution was given an ultimatum to take her fiancé , Joseph Irungu alias Jowie, for treatment.

Business Daily Africa , Kenya Nov 27, 2018