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Why diaspora has little political sway

EXPORTS Mr James Sang, a resident of Washington, DC, is also perplexed by the fact that the diaspora remittances have surpassed Kenya’s traditional exports like coffee, tea, flowers and tourism and now account for the largest foreign direct investment in the country’s economy yet they have very little influence on what happens in Kenya.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 10, 2019

Gladys Wanga says Governor Sang is only good at sending love messages

- Wanga warned Governor Stephen Sang against linking Joho to drug business - Governor Sang had threatened to produce evidence on the governor's alleged drug trafficking - The youthful politician recently sent a romance-induced message to a wrong WhatsApp group The ghost of sending romantic messages to a wrong recipient has come to haunt youthful Nandi Governor Stephen Sang six months later after the incident.

Tuko , Kenya Feb 7, 2019

Governor Sang threatens to supply DCI with evidence on Joho's alleged drug links

- Stephen Sang claimed Joho has been implicated in several reports over drug business - Sang vowed to furnish the investigative agencies with concrete evidence on Joho's drug links - The 34-year-old politician urged parents to hide their children when they spot Joho in the village Nandi Governor Stephen Sang has vowed to furnish the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) with concrete evidence on Mombasa counterpart Ali Hassan Joho drug links.

Tuko , Kenya Feb 5, 2019

Maize bag limit prolongs farmers woes

“We are still waiting for the SFRTF to give us a go ahead to buy the gunny bags,” Mr Sang said.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 3, 2019

ODM MPs take a swipe at colleagues terming Hassan Joho drug dealer

His sentiments came at the back of a damning attack on Joho led by Nandi governor Stephen Sang who accused Joho of misleading the country about the handshake and destroying the lives of many youths with drugs.

Tuko , Kenya Jan 30, 2019

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang claims Hassan Joho is a drug dealer

- Recently, Joho said Raila had warned his camp against supporting Ruto's 2022 bid - He argued that Ruto lacked integrity to hold the country's highest office -Sang responded to Joho saying he was misleading the country about the handshake - He said it did not make sense to support the handshake partially and oppose DP Ruto - Sang claims Joho was a drug dealer who had many cases around him and should not question anybody's integrity The war of words between leaders from Deputy President William Ruto's political camp and the Opposition is far from over if the latest claims from Nandi Governor Stephen Sang is anything to go by.

Tuko , Kenya Jan 29, 2019

Expelled ODM renegade Aisha Jumwa teams up with Ruto allies to fight Hassan Joho

The North Rift politicians, led by Nandi governor Stephen Sang, warned the Mombasa county chief against attacking Ruto.

Tuko , Kenya Jan 28, 2019

More staff to speed maize intake

NCPB chief executive Albin Sang confirmed that they had opened the depots.

The Star , Kenya Jan 27, 2019

Weston: Ruto vs KCAA vs NLC, Jubilee snubs handshake team, Granny gets land: Your Breakfast Briefing

Managing Director Albin Sang said the delay was caused by strict vetting processes being put in place to ensure only genuine farmers supply their maize to the board.

The Star , Kenya Jan 25, 2019

NCPB depots still closed despite Uhuru order to start purchasing

Managing director Albin Sang said the delay was caused by the strict vetting processes put in place to ensure only genuine farmers supply maize.

The Star , Kenya Jan 24, 2019