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State to issue 350,000 title deeds in five months, says CS

They were allocated part of the forest by retired President Moi but have never been issued with titles.

The Star Oct 14, 2018

Varsity students reveal why brand matters

Moi University, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and the University of Nairobi are some of the institutions that have found themselves in courts over the issue.

Daily Nation Oct 14, 2018

OPANGA: With 24/7 politics, ways are needed to ensure the

The 1976 change-the-constitution push was brought about by the realisation that Jomo’s end was nigh and his principal assistant, Mr Daniel arap Moi, was the constitutional heir apparent.

Daily Nation Oct 14, 2018

KAGWANJA: Elephant in the room: Why Raila is rooting for a

His support for the victorious “No” vote in the November 2005 referendum enabled him to ride the ODM wave, eclipse ‘dynasticism’, and to rise to the helm of Kalenjin power in the post-Moi Rift Valley.

Daily Nation Oct 13, 2018

Legendary comedian Nyambane forced out of comedy show for refusing to imitate ex-president Moi

The audience could hear or see none of the comedian after he refused to imitate retired president Daniel Moi, a role he used to play when he was an active comedian.

Tuko Oct 13, 2018

Referendum debate rages on despite Uhuru warning - VIDEO

The supremacy battle is between Mr Ruto’s allies and those of Kanu leader Gideon Moi.

Daily Nation Oct 13, 2018

Gideon Moi meets Tharaka-Nithi MCAs

Kanu chairman Gideon Moi on Friday met with some ward representatives from Tharaka-Nithi as he seeks political support ahead of the 2022 elections.

Daily Nation Oct 13, 2018

Law outlaws people’s images on currency

After removal of President Daniel Moi from the Kenyan currency, the country voted in the 2010 constitutional referendum to get rid of individual portraits on money.

The Standard Oct 12, 2018

Let’s celebrate heroes during public holidays

The abrupt announcement of Moi Day as a public holiday this year left the nation deeply conflicted.

The Standard Oct 12, 2018

KANYADUDI: Ruto’s U-turn on referendum invitation to pre-2022 face off

From the Rift Valley, his benefactor and mentor Mzee Moi has had to join forces with perennial oppositionist Raila.

The Star Oct 12, 2018