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More woes for farmers at NCPB

NCPB’s Corporate Affairs Manager Titus Maiyo said they were only receiving maize in four depots: Eldoret, Moi’s Bridge, Kitale and Nakuru.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 21, 2019

WYCLIFFE MUGA: Machiavelli to Dr Ruto: Patience

As for his successor, Daniel arap Moi, his path to the presidency involved a 15-year obstacle course, during which he was despised by the inner circles of the Kenyatta government, and treated with open contempt.

The Star , Kenya Feb 20, 2019

Maize supply to be halted on Friday at some NCPB depots for lack of storage bags

Moi’s Bridge, Eldoret, Nakuru and Bungoma depots have silos and will continue receiving the harvests.

The Star , Kenya Feb 20, 2019

Meeting Jomo among Mambo Mbotela’s fondest memories

"After the attempted coup d'état in 1982, I got a call from Lee Njiru, who was then the head of the presidential press unit, and I was informed that I would be joining the then President Moi's press unit," he said.

The Star , Kenya Feb 19, 2019

Agency revokes Moi era decree gifting prime Muthaiga land

Economy Agency revokes Moi era decree gifting prime Muthaiga land The National Land Commission (NLC) has revoked a title to a public land in Muthaiga North which was granted to the estate of Peter Muigai Kenyatta in 1992 by presidential decree, sparking a legal battle with the owner.

Business Daily Africa , Kenya Feb 19, 2019

Lawyer's hired killers, Swazuri bows out, Moi men grabbed Ngong: Your Breakfast Briefing

_____________________________________________________ How Ngong Forest land landed in private developers hands Shrewd and manipulative officials during President Daniel Moi's regime took the advantage of many legal amendments to hive off public forests, the Star can reveal.

The Star , Kenya Feb 19, 2019

How to break cartels in legal profession

"When Sir Alfred Simpson retired from the post of Chief Justice in October 1985 and the chairman of the LSK, GBM Kariuki asked President Moi to take the chance to Africanise the position, the President replied by telling lawyers to first put their house in order before commenting on the Judiciary.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 17, 2019

How Moi led to death of Uplands Bacon Factory

When President Daniel arap Moi announced that an international airport would be built in Eldoret, wheeler-dealer Tiny Rowland agreed to sell, some say donate, 3,000 acres of his East African Tanning land, which was valued by the government at Sh160 million.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 17, 2019

Moi saw it all, from 1982 coup to broken rungu

“Does the old man open his mouth except when chewing food?” In all the years I had watched President Daniel Moi on television, not once did I catch his ever-there bodyguard blink or make a facial expression, let alone open his mouth.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 17, 2019

OPANGA: Five issues that will impact Ruto’s every facet of life

The anti-corruption platforms of 1992 and 1997 did not stop President Moi and Kanu, who were regarded as the grand masters of the vice.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 16, 2019