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Madrid demonstrators reject government's Catalonia policy

The government is squeezed on both sides of the Catalan issue: Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo said on Friday the talks were on track to fail because Catalan pro-independence groups had rejected the government’s proposed framework.

Reuters , Africa Feb 10, 2019

Catalan pro-independence parties reject talks proposed by Madrid

REUTERS/Susana Vera/File Photo MADRID (Reuters) - Catalan pro-independence parties have rejected the framework for talks proposed by the Spanish central government aimed at resolving the separatist crisis between Madrid and the wealthy northeastern region, Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo said on Friday.

Reuters , Africa Feb 8, 2019

Spanish feminists rally against far-right 'sexist' party

"Denying gender violence and the need for policies of equality is a radical position which is outside of democratic norms," Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo said Tuesday.

EWN , South Africa Jan 14, 2019