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BINDRA: Pay attention to the ingenuity technology is throwing up

These things don’t happen by magic; they are brought to life by creative thinking; by exhaustive testing; by painstaking execution.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 12, 2019

BINDRA: Outread your competitors to enjoy yourself and get ahead

In his 2018 release The Excellence Dividend, Tom has a chapter on the ‘Tech Tsunami’ — the acceleration in technological advances that threatens to engulf us all in the form of robots, artificial intelligence, blockchains and autonomous systems.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 5, 2019

BINDRA: Is there anyone out there who can’t wait for your

So if you’re wondering why your industry, your society, or your nation stays stagnant, the answer may be that not enough funerals have occurred!

Daily Nation , Kenya Dec 29, 2018

BINDRA: Fallacy of grading humans and our risk of turning

These numbers — our exam grades, our performance appraisal results, our bank balances — purport to measure our achievements.

Daily Nation , Kenya Dec 15, 2018