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State asked to include nomads in census

“Most of our people sometimes cross the border into Somalia and Ethiopia in search of water and pasture, so it’s important to know where they will be during the census nights of August 24 and 25, 2019,” he said.

The Star , Kenya Nov 19, 2018

Ijara cops foil attacks, kill Shabaab terrorist

Ijara subcounty is vulnerable to al Shabaab attacks due to its proximity to Boni Forest and Somalia, where the militants hide.

The Star , Kenya Nov 19, 2018

MOHAMED: Pastoralists need affirmative action

Also, due to their proximity to lawless border regions that have seen an influx of guns and bandits from chronically unstable neighbouring countries such as Somalia and South Sudan and Ethiopia, these areas are unattractive to professionals.

Daily Nation , Kenya Nov 19, 2018

Kenya targets 'fish thieves' with new coastguard

Piracy off the coast of Somalia, usually for ransom, reached its peak in 2011 but has reduced significantly in recent years, in part because of extensive international military patrols as well as support for local fishing communities.

BBC Africa , Africa Nov 19, 2018

The preacher who laid the ground for violent jihadi ideology in Kenya

The third theory is that the insurgency in Somalia, spearheaded by al-Shabaab brought together Muslims from Somalia, Kenya and other nationalities in a conflict zone.

News 24 , South Africa Nov 19, 2018

Cops kill one al Shabaab militant, repulse attack on Ijara camp

Ijara sub-county has borne the brunt of al Shabaab militants due to its proximity to Boni forest and Somalia.

The Star , Kenya Nov 19, 2018

Somalia stalls KQ flights with new insurance rules

News Somalia stalls Kenya Airways flights with new insurance rules Somalia’s demand for additional insurance for Kenya Airways’ #ticker:KQ direct flights to Mogadishu forced the Kenyan carrier to postpone to December 5 the inaugural journey from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, officials said.

Business Daily Africa , Kenya Nov 19, 2018

Al Shabaab still a threat to Kenya, new UN report says

It warns of pitfalls that cloud concerned states’ commitment to rid not only Somalia but also its neighbours of threats by the group.

The Star , Kenya Nov 18, 2018

UN report on poor border management is grossly distorted, exaggerated – Boinnet

He said the Somalia Report 2018 is “grossly distorted and exaggerated” by a newspaper targeting to “scaremonger and help the enemy”.

The Star , Kenya Nov 18, 2018

Rescued migrants refuse to leave ship taking them to Libya

According to a UN statement quoted by AFP news agency, they are from Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Somalia.

BBC Africa , Africa Nov 18, 2018