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What Nigerian legislators do

Nigerian legislators, or “legislooters,” by some reckoning, seem cast in the exact opposite of the intent of a popular prayer of Pentecostal Christians, which is, “May we do what God wants, and forsake that which God forbids.” The job of Nigerian legislators is explained in Section 58(1) of the Nigerian Constitution, which provides that, “The power of the National Assembly to make laws shall be exercised by bills passed by both the Senate and the House of Representatives.” Also, Section 59(1)(a,b) specifically empowers the parliament to pass “appropriation bills or supplementary appropriation bills…; and bills for the imposition of or increase in any tax, duty or fee, or reduction, withdrawal or cancellation thereof.” If you wonder where all that is coming from, check its model, the American Constitution, whose Section 1 provides, “All legislative Powers shall be vested in a Congress of the United States;” and Section 7, which provides that, “All Bills for raising Revenue Shall originate (in the Congress).” Section 8 of America’s Constitution also provides: “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts, and Excise, to pay the Debts and provide for the Common Defence and general Welfare of the United States.” Nigerian legislators have perfected the art of serving only their own interests, and forsaking the electorate.

Punch , Nigeria Jan 22, 2019

Former Chelsea star Ashley Cole completes move to Derby County Kenya News

Cole had been plying his trade in America at MLS club LA Galaxy for the last three seasons including as captain last year.

Tuko , Kenya Jan 22, 2019

Trump vows no surrender on 32nd day of government shutdown

Pelosi, speaker of the Democrat-led House, argues that border security funding cannot even be discussed before the shutdown ends, accusing Trump of “holding Americans hostage.” Political fight, real consequences Extending the existing border fences has been at the top of Trump’s domestic agenda since his 2016 campaign.

The South African , South Africa Jan 22, 2019

Who are the Black Israelites at the centre of the Lincoln Memorial standoff?

A teenager wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat, centre left, stands in front of an elderly Native American singing and playing a drum in Washington.

IOL , South Africa Jan 22, 2019

‘Roma,’ ‘The Favourite’ lead Oscars nominations with 10 each

“Green Book” earned five Oscar nominations and moved up in the Academy Award conversation at the weekend when it won best film at the Producers Guild of America awards.

Punch , Nigeria Jan 22, 2019

SCCU failed to probe foreign bribery cases under Mrwebi, inquiry hears

The same unit allegedly also ignored calls to investigate the possible bribery payments by an American company to senior government officials to allow Net1, commonly known as Cash paymaster Services (CPS), to get a lucrative multi-million Sassa contract to distribute social grants pension to more than 18 million people in the country.

IOL , South Africa Jan 22, 2019

Singer Otile Brown showers ex-lover Vera Sidika with praise in his first 2019 hit Kenya News

While their relationship is history, the two have taken to different ways to heal form the foiled love affair as Vera has been traversing America, while Otile has been all about his music.

Tuko , Kenya Jan 22, 2019

Kenyan journalist sells Dusit photos

This comes after Kenyans accused the New York Times of employing double standards by publishing bodies of attack victims in Africa, while concealing them when attacks happen in America.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 22, 2019

Netflix doccie follows ups and downs of some of the biggest US influencers

At least that’s the impression one gets while watching "American Meme".

IOL , South Africa Jan 22, 2019

Bioscience Research Start-ups — The Way Forward In 2019? By Mercy Max-Harry

Seventy percent of all funding for Research and Development in America, the world's leading country for Bioscience research, comes from the private sector.

Sahara Reporters , Nigeria Jan 22, 2019