L Victoria News

Three drown in L. Victoria as they flee UPDF fisheries enforcement officers

The officer -in - charge of Criminal investigations, Hassan cherenget, identified the deceased as Yahaya Osendi, a son of Jenniper Namusisi, resident of Musoli landing site in Wairasa Sub County, Mayuge district.

New Vision , Uganda Jan 13, 2019

Daring Kenya fisherman swims 5km in L. Victoria to escape arrest by Ugandan soldiers Kenya News

A Kenyan fisherman from Busia county made a dramatic jumped into Lake Victoria to escape arrest by Ugandan soldiers who had confiscated his fishing equipment.

Tuko , Kenya Jan 9, 2019

Politics of defiance won't be tolerated in 2019 - Museveni

In Luganda, for instance, there are the following words: Okuvuganya [contest], okulwaana [fighting], okulemesa [sabotage], okutabula [disorganize], okuseketerera, okusanyaawo [obliterate] or okutemula [kill]," Museveni said.

The Observer , Uganda Jan 1, 2019

Museveni highlights priorities for 2019

In UK, if the Prime Minister and the Parliament do not agree, both of them resign and new elections are held so as not to cause paralysis in the development plans of the ruling political parties.

New Vision , Uganda Jan 1, 2019