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U.S. derides Venezuela's accusation of lacing aid with poison

Really?” Diplomats from Syria, Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Russia criticised the U.S. stance, while Australia’s representative said it was good to respectfully air views.

Reuters , Africa Feb 15, 2019

Venezuelan opposition urges international community to help aid get in

WASHINGTON/CARACAS (Reuters) - The Venezuelan opposition envoy to Washington urged the international community to help let assistance into the crisis-stricken country on Thursday, as Cuba accused the United States of flying military transport close to the area.

Reuters , Africa Feb 14, 2019

Cuba charges U.S. moving special forces, preparing Venezuelan intervention

HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuba charged on Thursday that the United States was secretly moving special forces closer to Venezuela as part of a plan to intervene in the South American country using the pretext of a humanitarian crisis.

Reuters , Africa Feb 14, 2019

Trump to give speech on Venezuela in Miami on Monday

In October, Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, in a speech in Miami decried what he called “the troika of tyranny” - Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

EWN , South Africa Feb 13, 2019

Bezos, world's richest man, shows won't be pushed around

She remarried when her son was about four years old, and he was legally adopted by his Cuban immigrant stepfather who worked as an engineer at a major petrochemical company.

New Vision , Uganda Feb 11, 2019

Humanitarian aid used as weapon in Maduro-Guaido conflict

The anti-Maduro camp has also denounced the regime's decision - while Venezuela grapples with such a dire situation - to send 100 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Cuba to assist the communist island in the wake of a recent hurricane.

EWN , South Africa Feb 9, 2019

Europeans, Latin Americans to meet on Venezuela crisis

Maduro, who is supported by Russia, China, Turkey, Cuba and Iran, has refused all humanitarian aid shipments to Venezuela, which he says would open the way to allow a US military invasion.

News 24 , South Africa Feb 8, 2019

Venezuela's Maduro vows to block 'fake' aid 'spectacle'

Cuba was recently hit by a tornado.

EWN , South Africa Feb 7, 2019

Fiery Kenyan doctors' union boss Ouma Oluga elected president of health workers globally

Oluga has been advocating for recruitment of more Kenyan doctors as opposed to importing the medics like in the case of the 100 doctors who were flown from Cuba to Kenya to help strengthen the country's health sector.

Tuko , Kenya Feb 6, 2019

THE DISH: Delectable seafood in Malindi

I did, however, later visit another La Bodeguita in Trinidad, still in Cuba, and there was a lot more space there.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 6, 2019