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Corridors of Power

Just what happened to the Coast political brigade that had declared to be part of Tanga Tanga team?

The Star , Kenya Jan 16, 2019

Second term blues rock Uhuru's stay

The radical shift in the political ideological alignments, says Prof Kagwanja, has given legs to the high-voltage propaganda blitz by the so-called Tanga Tanga squad around the theory of the ‘Ruto betrayal’.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 13, 2019

KAGWANJA: Shades of rebellion: The Kenyatta succession in Mt

BACKERS The second faction is the ‘Tanga Tanga’ group that got its name from the President’s call on DP to stop going around the country akitangatanga (roaming about).

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 12, 2019

WARIGI: Murathe's assault on DP opens a nasty can of worms in

In short order, a bipartisan team of women leaders, led jointly by Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru and ODM’s Women Representative for Homa Bay Gladys Wanga joined the fray, warning against premature politicking — a clear dig at the pro-Ruto “Tanga Tanga” movement and its ill-disguised campaigns.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 12, 2019

Uhuru, Ruto camps in battle for Jubilee

One is the pro-William Ruto team Tanga Tanga.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 11, 2019

MATHIU: Kieleweke, Tanga Tanga just a chess game being played on

The Kieleweke and Tanga Tanga drama is a storm in a tea cup.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 10, 2019

Where are projects William Ruto was launching in Mt Kenya region? MP Ngunjiri Wambugu Kenya News

"Tanga Tanga legislators have been crisscrossing Mt Kenya counties with DP William Ruto.

Tuko , Kenya Jan 8, 2019

Infighting threatens Jubilee Party's survival

Three groups have emerged from the party: The pro-Deputy President William Ruto group popularly known as the Tanga Tanga group; a faction that is calling for a halt to early campaigns and has stated that the DP will not be the automatic candidate; and another slew of politicians who want to vie for the presidency under Jubilee.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 6, 2019

Kuria veered to zone Central leaders dare not go

JUBILEE Kuria is among the most visible and vocal “Tanga Tanga" squad of youthful MPs from the Mt Kenya region who are unapologetic in their support for Dr Ruto’s 2022 presidential ambitions.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 6, 2019

Rift Valley elders fear repeat of 2007/08 violence should Kikuyu community abandon Ruto in 2022 Kenya News

“Let you not be deceived by the Tanga Tanga movement (pro-Ruto camp) because both Ruto and Uhuru have served their full terms and should retire together.

Tuko , Kenya Dec 31, 2018