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Wetang’ula bid is doomed if he goes it alone, says ANC

When Peter Kenneth, Martha Karua and Paul Muite were asked by Central Kenya to leave the race but refused, the people of Mt Kenya knew who their leaders were and voted for them almost to a man,” Muluka said.

The Star , Kenya Jan 16, 2019

MWANGI: How lawyers are actors and accessories to corruption in

MR FIX-IT It took heroes like the chairman of the Law Society of Kenya Paul Muite assisted by his council and many other activist lawyers to risk their life and limb to fight alongside other heroes in liberating Kenyans from dictatorship.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 13, 2019

Test fertiliser afresh, says Kebs boss

Through Senior Counsel Paul Muite, OCP Ltd said the samples, which form the basis of the charges against its directors were extracted and unilaterally tested by Kebs, in their absence.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 9, 2019

Ongwae, firm’s directors want court to order fertiliser tested again

Through Senior Counsel Paul Muite they said the samples, which are the basis of the charges, were extracted and unilaterally tested by Kebs, in their absence against fair administrative action and the right to fair trial.

Business Daily Africa , Kenya Jan 8, 2019

Judges spare Gigiri hotel further demolition

Through lawyer Paul Muite, Mr Kumar argued that although part of the building was substantially damaged, he could still salvage the premises since a large part of the building is still intact.

Business Daily Africa , Kenya Jan 8, 2019

Strike blocked, Knut, TSC to resume talks

Knut lawyer Paul Muite sought for more time to allow his clients to fully with the order.

The Star , Kenya Jan 3, 2019

Court blocks teachers' strike, halts transfer of union officials

Kenya National Union of Teachers through lawyer Paul Muite had claimed that the TSC introduced new guidelines to promote teachers without involving them.

The Star , Kenya Jan 2, 2019

TSC now changes tune on talks with Knut

But in response, Kenya National Union of Teachers Union through Senior Counsel Paul Muite accused TSC of acting in bad faith by transferring teachers outside a collecting bargaining agreement (CBA) and code of regulations.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 2, 2019