Ecde News

Milestones in health put Embu above its peers

In 2013, Embu became the first county to employ Ecde teachers.

The Star , Kenya Feb 3, 2019

Nursery schools in Boni closed

Mr Wakati called on the county and national governments to ensure that both Ecde centres and primary schools are reopened.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 28, 2019

Tunai gets thumbs-up for development efforts

Mr Tunai said the county has started implementing the new curriculum for early childhood development education (Ecde) by distributing textbooks to learning centres.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 27, 2019


Our mole intimated that the governor and his team invited their preferred candidates through SMS and left out the independent-minded ones without any response.The county chief is also on spot for interviewing Ecde teachers for employment without a public service board being in place.

The Star , Kenya Jan 23, 2019

TALES OF COURAGE: From an armed gangster to a legal adviser

The man later enrolled her for an Early Childhood Education and Development (Ecde) course.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 18, 2019

Students stuck after Tana canoe ban

He also said that more than 80 Ecde and primary school pupils living in Chia and Mramba villages are also unable to access Kitere Primary School while 30 others from Gutale village cannot access Baomo Primary School.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 17, 2019

School head on the spot for ‘selling free sanitary pads’

The county government clashed with the school over the issue and withdrew its Ecde teacher, the letter says.

The Star , Kenya Jan 16, 2019

Stalled Kericho ECDE centre now a ‘village lodging’

An idle early childhood development education (Ecde) centre in Kericho has been converted into a village lodging, years after its completion stalled.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 11, 2019