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2019 Elections: Women should fight for themselves because the men won’t do it | The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper - Nigeria and World News

Ezekwesili has the brightest chance to upend the male status quo, but political analyst in Nigeria often note that the former vice president (Africa) of the World Bank has a limited chance of doing that.

The Guardian , Nigeria Dec 12, 2018

Nigeria budget minister expects economy to grow by 3 pct in 2019

The World Bank expects growth at slightly less than 2 percent in 2018, while and Nigeria’s central bank predicts the economy will grow 1.75 percent this year.

Reuters , Africa Dec 12, 2018

Bagyenda tongue-tied on Global bank sale

On several high-level conferences around the world, including at the World Bank, IMF and other premium organisations, she presented papers on corporate governance and its significance in the banking sector.

The Observer , Uganda Dec 12, 2018

Oil producers to review cuts impact in April

READ ALSO: Include informal sector in GDP, Egypt tells World Bank, IMF “In April, we will have a meeting to review the decision,” United Arab Emirates Energy Minister Suhail al-Mazrouei told reporters on the sidelines of a conference in Dubai.

Punch , Nigeria Dec 12, 2018

Include informal sector in GDP, Egypt tells World Bank, IMF

Egypt’s Central Bank wants the World Bank and International Monetary Fund to include the country’s informal sector in their gross domestic product figures.

Punch , Nigeria Dec 12, 2018

FG to raise N800m for mass housing projects

By Chris Ochayi ABUJA – Federal Government announcing yesterday that it is planning to raise over N800 million from the African Development Bank, the World Bank and other institutions to provide affordable mass housing accommodations for Nigerians The Chief Executive Office of Family Homes Funds, FHF, Femi Adewole, who announced this move in Abuja during the fundraising/launching of Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria, REDAN, explained to funds is meant to provide housing for low-income Nigerians.

Vanguard News , Nigeria Dec 12, 2018

CS Amina: Why new education system will be reviewed in January

One of the biggest funds is that of the Primary Education Development Project (PRIEDE) between the Kenyan government and the World Bank.

The Star , Kenya Dec 12, 2018

Presidential candidates from the Orient

A chartered accountant, she also became a Vice President of the World Bank, and adviser to President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, and former President Ellen Sirleaf-Johnson of Liberia.

Punch , Nigeria Dec 11, 2018

Technical education: Obaseki seeks partnership with FG to train teachers for science, technical colleges

“We are working with the Nigeria Employers Consultative Association on the revamp of Government Science and Technical College, formerly Benin Technical College, and we have got funding from the World Bank to furnish the workshops and laboratory.

Vanguard News , Nigeria Dec 11, 2018

Reject proposed 80 new tertiary institutions and revitalise existing ones (2)

According to a comprehensive World Bank study titled The Challenge of Establishing World Class Universities: becoming a world class university is a recognition and status conferred on an institution by the outside world on the basis of: excellence in research; quality of teaching; highly qualified faculty; level of government and non government funding; international and highly talented student body; academic freedom; well defined autonomous governance structures; well-equipped facilities for teaching, research, administration and often student life; and University’s contribution to society.

Vanguard News , Nigeria Dec 11, 2018