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WYCLIFFE MUGA: Machiavelli to Dr Ruto: Patience

As for his successor, Daniel Arap Moi, his path to the presidency involved a 15-year obstacle course, during which he was despised by the inner circles of the Kenyatta government, and treated with open contempt.

The Star , Kenya Feb 20, 2019

LETTERS: Unravelling Kenya, Somalia territorial row

On February 28, 1979, a Presidential Proclamation that delineated Kenya’s territory in the sea was issued by then president Daniel Arap Moi.

Business Daily Africa , Kenya Feb 20, 2019

EDITORIAL: Shame to bail out clubs

Some years back, then President Daniel Arap Moi allocated these two famous Kenyan clubs land in Embakasi, Nairobi, which was enough to build stadiums for training and flats for players.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 17, 2019

How Moi led to death of Uplands Bacon Factory

When President Daniel Arap Moi announced that an international airport would be built in Eldoret, wheeler-dealer Tiny Rowland agreed to sell, some say donate, 3,000 acres of his East African Tanning land, which was valued by the government at Sh160 million.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 17, 2019

State to buy subsidised fertiliser for maize farmers - Ruto

The deceased was once an aide to retired President Daniel Arap Moi.

The Star , Kenya Feb 15, 2019

KU dons awarded Sh46m for torture

'OVERTHROW MOI' When they were arrested in 1982, Mr Oyugi was accused of failing to disclose why he and others wanted to overthrow the government of President Daniel Arap Moi, while Mr Wachira was accused of using students and plotting to overthrow the government.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 14, 2019

Robert Ouko murder: Fear still stalks Koru, 29 years later

All the files are kept in Parliament.” He recalled how members of the committee flew to London, the UK and interviewed Scotland Yard detective John Troon, who was called in by President Daniel Arap Moi in the 1990s to lead investigations into the killing of the Foreign Affairs minister.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 13, 2019

Karume firm wins 25-year land row

Nyakinyua acquired the land at the intervention of retired president Daniel Arap Moi after being approached by the late Karume to intervene and it was exempted from the provisions of the Land Control Act.

Business Daily Africa , Kenya Feb 11, 2019

Kenyans to pay Sh6bn in meat factory scandal

The Halal debate was reignited during the June 12, 1984 Kanu Parliamentary Group meeting, when President Daniel Arap Moi issued a directive to Agriculture minister William Omamo to reopen the abattoir.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 11, 2019

How things fall apart for Kenyans in US

When his father, a former Kanu operative in President Daniel Arap Moi’s regime, mooted the idea that the young man should transfer from the United States International University (USIU-Africa) to a university in San Diego, he was halfway through his studies.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 6, 2019