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Raila’s big referendum gamble and aftershocks of his deal with

With just nine months left before exiting office, President Daniel Arap Moi, for instance, wooed Mr Odinga to the ruling party, Kanu.

Daily Nation Oct 14, 2018

OPANGA: With 24/7 politics, ways are needed to ensure the

The 1976 change-the-constitution push was brought about by the realisation that Jomo’s end was nigh and his principal assistant, Mr Daniel Arap Moi, was the constitutional heir apparent.

Daily Nation Oct 14, 2018

Gideon Moi meets Tharaka-Nithi MCAs

At the same time the MCA said they will campaign for Mr Moi because his father, former President Daniel Arap Moi, made Tharaka a district.

Daily Nation Oct 13, 2018

Red-carpet affair as legendary Kikuyu benga singer Joseph Kamaru is laid to rest

They included three former presidents of Kenya; late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Arap Moi and Uhuru.

Tuko Oct 11, 2018

Miguna Miguna - latest news and biography facts 2018

Miguna had been arrested in 1988 by retired President Daniel Arap Moi.

Tuko Oct 11, 2018

Retired President Moi marks Moi Day at home in Kabarak

Former President Daniel Arap Moi with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga at his Kabarak residence on 12-4-2018.

The Standard Oct 10, 2018

ONYANGO-OBBO: Death of Kamaru and the soundtrack of ‘old’ Africa

CLASS SUICIDE Kamaru bit the hand that had been feeding him, given his dalliance with President Daniel Arap Moi, thus committing his musical version of class suicide.

Daily Nation Oct 10, 2018

Kenyans completely stunned by Esther Passaris' ageless beauty after posting 10-year-old photo of herself Kenya News

In the iconic photo, the ageless woman was standing next to former president Daniel Arap Moi and President Uhuru Kenyatta and boy was she a catch!

Tuko Oct 10, 2018

Uhuru expected at Kamaru’s burial

Mr Kamaru interacted with presidents Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel Arap Moi.

Daily Nation Oct 10, 2018

Moi spends holiday at home

Retired President Daniel Arap Moi marked Moi Day quietly at his Kabarak home with family and friends.

Daily Nation Oct 10, 2018