Mugera News

14 arrested over Kericho rape horror

“They hit her on the head with a blunt object then beat up the househelp, leaving her unconscious,” said Mr James Mugera, the Kericho County police commander.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 21, 2019

Gang kills granny, rapes three granddaughters and housegirl

Kericho police boss James Mugera said four attackers used chisels and iron bars to kill the elderly woman.

The Star , Kenya Feb 20, 2019

Residents flee village as Police hunt killers of 75-year-old man

After learning that Mzee Makonzi’s son had gone into hiding, Kayunga district CID boss Isaac Mugera said residents decided to turn their anger on the old man.

Daily Monitor , Uganda Feb 16, 2019