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KIBWANA: What must be done to slay corruption dragon

Botswana and Rwanda are currently ranked ahead of Italy, Greece and Hungary in the fight against corruption.

Daily Nation , Kenya Dec 16, 2018

ONYANGO: World must stand up for free elections in DRC

Many armies, including Rwanda, Uganda, Angola, Zimbabwe and Namibia and thousands of Hutu militiamen responsible for the Rwandan genocide, as well as local militia were fighting inside the country, for various reasons.

Daily Nation , Kenya Dec 15, 2018

Nkurunziza meets his match as Museveni answers letter

The Government of the Republic of Burundi is grateful to the International Community in general and, in particular, to the East African Community for the efforts, the time and the means made to assist Burundi, especially when we were fighting against an insurrection, an attempt to overthrow democratically elected institutions and against terrorism some troublemakers were trying to establish in my country, unfortunately with the complicity and support of a Member State of the Community, Rwanda.

The East African , Kenya Dec 15, 2018

Rwanda has achieved universal healthcare

By EDMUND KAGIRE With more than 90 per cent of Rwandans covered under the community-based health insurance scheme locally known as Mutuelle de Santé, Rwanda is one of the few developing countries in the world that have successfully achieved universal healthcare.

The East African , Kenya Dec 15, 2018

Pilot for universal coverage sets Kenya on path of launch

By CHRISTABEL LIGAMI The race for countries in the region to achieve universal health coverage (UHC) is on, with Kenya launching the pilot phase, years after Rwanda began its programme.

The East African , Kenya Dec 15, 2018

BLF straw man should click ‘The Crossing’

We saw that in Rwanda, when the Hutus turned on the previously privileged Tutsis.

IOL , South Africa Dec 15, 2018

African countries a no-show at open skies pact signing

In May, 14 African states including Rwanda signed the implementation protocol in Lome, Togo.

The East African , Kenya Dec 15, 2018

Maybe we should postpone holding the 2021 elections

*************** I follow politics, security and military issues in Rwanda (and the region at large).

Daily Monitor , Uganda Dec 15, 2018

Two Rwandan soldiers killed by rebels on DRC border: Kagame

At least two Rwandan soldiers in an attack by rebels who had crossed the border from the Democratic Republic of Congo, President Paul Kagame said on Friday.

News 24 , South Africa Dec 15, 2018

VP candidates disagree with Peter Obi on African free trade

The AfCFTA was signed in Kigali, Rwanda on 21 March 2018 by least 44 out of the 55 countries.

Vanguard News , Nigeria Dec 15, 2018