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The changing scene of birth industry

Not that I don’t trust the hospital, but I’d rather the person Who has been giving me primary care finishes the process.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 23, 2019

Measles epidemic in Madagascar kills more than 900, says WHO

According to Who figures, there have been more than 68 000 cases of the disease in which 553 deaths were confirmed and another 373 suspected from measles since the outbreak began in September.

News 24 , South Africa Feb 22, 2019

Health spending pushes 100 million people to extreme poverty each year: WHO

File photo: African News Agency (ANA) GENEVA – About 100 million people worldwide are pushed into extreme poverty each year by health spending, despite government coverage of an average of 51 percent, the World Health Organization (Who) said on Wednesday.

IOL , South Africa Feb 22, 2019

Government wants to introduce warning labels for junk food in South Africa

This is according to Lynn Moeng, chief director of Nutrition in the Department of Health, Who was speaking at the launch of a new Healthy Living Alliance (Heala) campaign on Thursday (21 February), reports the Citizen.

Business Tech , South Africa Feb 21, 2019

'We bow down to 1 of our melanated Monas': Jay-Z, Beyoncé pay tribute to Meghan

Thank you.” Jay-Z simply replied: “You’re welcome.” The painting was created by artist Tim O’Brien, Who shared: "Interesting to see my painting of Megan Markel behind @Beyonce and JZ for their Brit award.

EWN , South Africa Feb 20, 2019

Everyone can be an effective advocate for vaccination: here’s how

Picture: Pixnio The World Health Organisation (Who) has named vaccine hesitancy as one of their top 10 threats to global health for 2019.

IOL , South Africa Feb 20, 2019

Kiev reports first measles death as cases soar | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News

The World Health Organization (Who) recommends a 95-percent vaccination rate to prevent mass hospitalisations and fatalities.

The Guardian , Nigeria Feb 18, 2019

Big data can cut cost of health care by 63 per cent, experts say

A recent world health report by Who has listed fraud as one of the top ten leading causes of inefficiency in healthcare.

The Star , Kenya Feb 17, 2019

Infertility affects up to one in five, but it can often be treated

Dr Frances Paterson, urogynaecologist at The Urology Hospital Pretoria, explains that not all couples Who experience fertility problems are infertile.

IOL , South Africa Feb 17, 2019

WHO warns of 'backsliding' in measles fight as cases soar

Last year, measles caused approximately 136,000 deaths around the world, according to Who's preliminary figures.

New Vision , Uganda Feb 16, 2019