SHIGOLI: Make medical cover part of New Year plans

Similarly, they need to be more innovative to overcome the cost barriers that prevent Kenyans in the low-income market segments from accessing private medical cover.

~ Daily Nation

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Further, about 48% of the population are dependent on agriculture, and 15% are casual laborers meaning they experience seasonality in their incomes which disappear quickly in the face of a backlog of expenditure and credit built up over time until...

New Vision , Uganda Jan 22, 2019

Insurance uptake in Uganda: Why legacy models aren’t enough

This type of insurance may, therefore, not be suitable or appropriate for a populace in which only 3 per cent of the adult population is employed in the formal sector, pushing majority of the traders, casual labourers, and farmers, among others, t...

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Assessing Nigeria’s quest for 80% financial inclusion

The tiered Know-Your-Customer (KYC) framework was also introduced by the CBN in 2013 to simplify the requirements for opening and operating bank and mobile money accounts for the low income people.

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LETTERS: Universal health coverage vital for growth

Through the National Hospital Insurance Fund the government has promised to spread universal health coverage to all Kenyans under the President’s Big Four agenda.

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So what cover do you need? And When?

The dramatic cover deficit has long-term implications for individuals and the country at large and part of the problem, is a lack of understanding regarding which policies are necessary for adequate risk protection.

IOL , South Africa Jan 17, 2019

OPINION: 6 ways to achieve financial freedom

They know that the various asset classes, including equity, property (private and commercial), bonds and cash instruments, each bear varying degrees of risk and are suited to different investment time frames.

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WATIMA: Make health insurance affordable

This has ruffled feathers of doctors who have combatively termed the directive by the insurer as trying to predetermine clinical decisions which is strictly within their domain and have vowed to defy the order.

Business Daily Africa , Kenya Jan 14, 2019

LETTERS: Barriers curbing financial inclusion of women

The role women play as important economic agents is largely obscured by the fact that the majority work in the informal sector where their contribution is not adequately quantified or measured.

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Investing in a new asset class requires extensive research, as many who lost a lot of money in ICOs discovered painfully last year.

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MURIUKI: NHIF still crucial healthcare player

Of late, the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) has attracted negative publicity and harsh criticism owing to claims of corruption and misconduct against some of its senior executives and board members, among whom are battling related cases i...

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Dealing with barriers to financial inclusion

There is also research evidence to show that countries with high rate of financial inclusion experienced higher macroeconomic stability since monetary policies tend to be more responsive.

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We enjoy sex but fear contraceptives because they are man-made trouble —Nigerian women

However, since the London conference, spearheaded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UNFPA and partners, several countries have increased their commitment to family planning including Nigeria which has resulted to significant improved funding.

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Death is an expensive affair, plan for it

According to Arjun Mallik, the Prudential Uganda chief executive officer, you do not take out insurance because you are going to die but because the people you love are going to live.

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Uganda insurance firms told to pay one-off licence fee

“Under the perpetual licensing regime, the Authority will focus more on on-site inspections, risk-based supervision and submission of real time digital performance reports,” said Mr Obel.

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MUHIA: Why you should keep financial records this year

The festive season is always characterised by heavy spending, which always leaves many people grappling with financial constraints in January.

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Medical scheme merger hits members’ pockets

Through a strategic partnership with Agility, there’s a Health Pocket, which allows individual clients to customise their in-hospital cover, fund their own medical savings account via healthy behaviour and effectively void procedural co-payments a...

IOL , South Africa Jan 21, 2019

Tame private clinics eating up NHIF cash

NHIF should also stop cushioning private sector insurance companies by paying a part of the bill called rebates or bed charges.

The Star , Kenya Jan 21, 2019

EXPERT COMMENT: Tame private clinics eating up NHIF cash

NHIF should also stop cushioning private sector insurance companies by paying a part of the bill called rebates or bed charges.

The Star , Kenya Jan 21, 2019

Rethinking urban infrastructure for collective use, sustainability

First and foremost, the components of urban infrastructure are quite broad namly; energy, buildings, transportation, roads, water, bridges, aqueducts, sewer pipes, sanitation and public spaces.

New Vision , Uganda Jan 22, 2019

Security firms brace for brisk business after terrorist attack

Analysts are worried that the constant reminder of the attacks will heighten investors' concerns at a time when the Kenyan economy is slowing and foreign capital is being repatriated.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 20, 2019