ANC is the same broken vehicle 'just with a new driver' – DA hits the campaign trail in Mamelodi

Hitting the campaign trail in Mamelodi, Pretoria, DA leader Mmusi Maimane has maintained that despite having Cyril Ramaphosa as its new president, the ANC is still just a broken vehicle looking to benefit itself.

~ News 24

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Ramaphosa: 'ANC aims to make SA the best country in Africa'

The ANC is the only organisation in the country committed to improving the lives of the people, party president Cyril Ramaphosa said on Monday.

News 24 , South Africa Jan 7, 2019

Drown out divisive voices ahead of 2019 elections – Maimane

DA leader Mmusi Maimane has urged South African's to drown out divisive voices when voting during the upcoming 2019 General Elections.

News 24 , South Africa Jan 5, 2019

ANC manifesto: Land, jobs and blockchain

But President Ramaphosa is betting that after a decade of chaos and misrule under Zuma - a man now facing a corruption trial, and possible bankruptcy - South Africans are, overwhelmingly, looking for competence and honesty rather than grand promis...

BBC Africa , Africa Jan 13, 2019

If the ANC can’t do it properly, we will do it, says DA's Maimane

"When the ANC government refused our demands for a special anti-gang unit, we did it ourselves in the City of Cape Town under the leadership of JP Smith.

IOL , South Africa Jan 5, 2019

Maimane: ANC manifesto confirms party has not changed & more empty promises

In his keynote address at a packed Moses Mabhida stadium, Ramaphosa undertook that the ANC will focus on economic growth, job creation and a skills revolution for the youth.

EWN , South Africa Jan 11, 2019

Maimane vows Diepsloot youth will have jobs if DA wins elections

The DA leaders engaged with about 50 youngsters at the recently launched Diepsloot Opportunity Centre.

IOL , South Africa Jan 11, 2019

Ramaphosa mourns victims of Pretoria #TrainCrash, sends condolences

Ramaphosa said he welcomed the efforts by Gauteng Metrorail to institute a board of enquiry to determine the cause of the accident.

IOL , South Africa Jan 8, 2019

Maimane: ANC maintains gap between economic insiders and outsiders

His talk was interspersed with personal anecdotes about growing up in Dobsonville, Soweto, dropping his son for his first day of school last week and the time his wife's handbag was stolen and the police only cared when they saw her surname was Ma...

News 24 , South Africa Jan 15, 2019

DA reacts to ANC's 2019 election manifesto

"All of his solutions are long term and slow when South Africa needs urgent change now," DA leader Mmusi Maimane said in a statement shortly after Ramaphosa’s address.

News 24 , South Africa Jan 12, 2019

Seeing through the Ramaphosa/Zuma bromance

Perhaps Ramaphosa is bargaining that the Zondo commission and the new blood at the national prosecuting authority will do his dirty work for him and discredit Zuma, his benefactors and cronies to such an extent that they're virtually neutralised.

News 24 , South Africa Jan 15, 2019

Pressure on Ramaphosa to rein in 'divisive and costly' Zuma

In a written letter addressed to Ramaphosa, Maimane asked that the deal, which was struck more than a decade ago between Zuma and former president Thabo Mbeki, be cancelled.

IOL , South Africa Jan 8, 2019

South Africa's ANC kicks off 2019 campaign vowing jobs, growth

South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa has vowed to create more jobs, boost economic growth and address racial inequalities as he launched the ruling party's parliamentary election campaign.

Al Jazeera , Africa Jan 12, 2019

Ruling ANC kicks off S.Africa election campaign with vow to restore democracy, growth

The African National Congress (ANC), which has ruled since the end of apartheid 25 years ago, is tipped to win the election in May despite faltering support, internal divisions and a sluggish economy.

The Independent , Uganda Jan 12, 2019

DA denies perpetuating xenophobia: 'This is not about saying go and attack somebody'

During a briefing following a tour at one of the city's opportunity centres in Dieplsoot, party leader Mmusi Maimane said the issue at hand was not whether foreigners owned shops but about ensuring that South Africans were assisted in creating mor...

News 24 , South Africa Jan 11, 2019

ANC 2019 election manifesto: The promise of a ‘new’ South Africa under Ramaphosa to be revealed

South Africa’s ruling ANC party launches its election campaign on Saturday ahead of polls in May that it is tipped to win despite recently falling support, internal divisions and a sluggish economy.

The South African , South Africa Jan 11, 2019

Ramaphosa sets out a bold vision for South Africa. But can he pull it off?

President Cyril Ramaphosa kick started the governing African National Congress’s (ANC’s) election campaign in his January 8th Statement celebrating 107 years since the birth of the liberation movement.

News 24 , South Africa Jan 14, 2019

KZN bishop, close friend of Zuma, to launch new political party

Ngcobo, in an extensive interview with News24, said it was a matter of deciding whether to stand with the liberation movement, which marked 107 years earlier this week, or with the people of South Africa who are suffering from rising costs and low...

News 24 , South Africa Jan 10, 2019

'Do the right thing' and cancel Zuma legal fees deal - Maimane asks Ramaphosa

Maimane also requested that Ramaphosa make public the terms of the deal and the amount of money "that taxpayers have to date stumped up in defence of his alleged corruption".

News 24 , South Africa Jan 7, 2019

The people cannot eat manifestos

Are statements and manifestos enough to win the confidence and the hearts of the masses of South Africa who continue to suffer from poverty and inequality, asks Mcebo Dlamini.

News 24 , South Africa Jan 15, 2019

Mmusi Maimane speech compares Cyril to Trump, and ANC to apartheid

Mmusi Maimane has managed to both amuse and confuse South Africans on Tuesday, after he compared Cyril Ramaphosa to his American counterpart, Donald Trump.

The South African , South Africa Jan 15, 2019