LOVE BY VALENTINE'S: Is he the one?

Kanye West and Keri Hilson sang a beautiful song about how love sometimes knocks you down, you don't see it coming.

~ Daily Nation

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For example, Elias Nderitu, a systems administrator at a Nairobi-based communications firm says that a man who has been previously heartbroken will today love without reservations at his own peril.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 2, 2019

20 hilarious quotes about school

Considering how challenging the entire process may get, it would be ideal to add some humor and encouragement for those moments when you feel like you lack the focus or motivation.

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More than lovers, play!

He just couldn’t understand why she’d ask him to stop studying the Bible when his going to heaven depended on it and she herself should be following suit as a child of God.

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Speaking about sticking together for a little over a decade especially in an age with high divorce rates, Ik stresses avoiding external influences in their marriage.

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Our most memorable Valentine’s Day

In the afternoon, her cousin who works for a prestigious hotel, brought her a sumptuous cake to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and as if on a cue, her family followed all donned in red.

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I cried the day my teacher gave me his savings to keep me in university – Prof Adeniyi, former FUTA VC – Punch Newspapers

Former Vice-Chancellor of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Prof Peter Adeniyi, shares his life experience with ADEMOLA OLONILUA and TUNDE AJAJA

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His priority is the mother of his child

However, always know that a real man has to take care of his children, especially when he doesn’t live with them, he feels guilty and makes up with spending a lot on them.

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Nigeria's first presidential election with a generation of voters who have only known democracy takes place next weekend.

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It’s an extreme dating show where 16 strangers spend 14 days in the majestic Mpumalanga performing some of the most heart-racing, gruelling outdoor activities in the quest to finding the one thing that is missing in their lives, ‘love’.

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Plot thickens as Kori's first wife emerges - VIDEO

Within no time, Kori was swimming in money as furniture companies started sourcing timber from him, but the icing on the cake was when he won a tender to supply electricity power line poles to the Rural Electrification Authority.

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Why marriage might not matter afterall!

Five years after relocating from the USA with three degrees under her belt, she’s running a very successful IT company that also dabbles in events management.

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The rise and fall of a match-fixing tennis prodigy

Played at a small tennis club next to a shopping mall, there is a smattering of spectators and the prize money for the whole tournament is $15,000 (£11,500, Sh1.5 million) - about a quarter of the sum made by a first-round loser at Wimbledon.

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Discover How You Can Naturally Repair and Rebuild Your Pancreas So It Can Naturally Produce Insulin On its Own Again.

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LOVE SERIES: Love brewed on the internet

For some it starts in a café, others at work, others at social gatherings, others when they are introduced by mutual friends, while others bump into each other in the most awkward of places and something beautiful blossoms.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 5, 2019

Mowzey Radio impregnated me at 19 and left - fmr Miss Uganda

The 2008 Miss Uganda, Dorah Mwima has come out, in a long post on Facebook and said the melodious Moses Ssekibogo aka Mowzey Radio (RIP) is the father of her first child, Ethan Barrak.

The Observer , Uganda Feb 5, 2019

Amanda Black on women abuse, love and next level

One particular incident, the grotesque murder of Karabo Mokoena, moved her so deeply that she felt compelled to express her feelings the best way she knows how, through her music.

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In my kingdom, the king and first son cannot sleep under same roof – Ezegbunem I, Obi of Nsukwa – Punch Newspapers

The 12th Obi of Nsukwa, in Aniocha South Local Government Area of Delta State, Kenneth Ezegbunem I, tells OCHEI MATTHEW about his experience on the throne and why he erected a statue of Jesus Christ in his palace

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A fellow lecturer once told me to sit with my ‘fellow students’ – Azubuike-Osu – Punch Newspapers

I was very brilliant and very good in all my science-related subjects, such that even my teachers felt I should be a doctor, but when I wanted to enter the university, it didn’t work out that way.

Punch , Nigeria Feb 8, 2019

HEART ADVICE: How do I find love as a single mum?

In your case, depending on the age group you are targeting, they are most likely too set in their ways to want to transform into the settling type.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 2, 2019