Skilling boda bodas is the way to go

This is a direct result of lost productivity among riders and family members who have to dedicate resources and time to treat and care for victims of road accidents.

~ Daily Monitor

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Alarm over sharp rise in road deaths

The traffic commandant said his officers will do all they can to curb further accidents as the country prepares for end of year festivities, a season that usually sees a rise in number of deadly crashes.

Daily Nation , Kenya Oct 10, 2018

Traffic deaths on the increase, officials say

Traffic boss Samwel Kimaru said the number of reported road accidents in the country rose sharply this year.

Daily Nation , Kenya Oct 9, 2018

Defective cars impounded in crackdown

Tens of passengers were over the weekend stranded for hours following a major crackdown targeting public service vehicles plying the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

The Standard , Kenya Sep 30, 2018

The Netherlands wants to ban the use of phones on bicycles

But the number of cyclists involved in accidents is worrying the government, and one of the steps it wants to take is to ban the use of mobile phones while cycling.

EWN , South Africa Oct 4, 2018

Death traps: No lessons learnt as slaughter on Kenyan roads continues

On Tuesday, Traffic Commandant Samuel Kimaru released statistics for the number people killed this year.

The Star , Kenya Oct 10, 2018

Do all that is possible to make driving safe and pleasurable

These statistics paint a gloomy picture for road users whose safety is greatly jeopardised, yet it is by factors that can be avoided with a little conscious effort.

The Standard , Kenya Sep 30, 2018

WATCH: 20 dead as limo headed to birthday celebration crashes

Douglas said three of the sisters were with their husbands, and she identified them as Amy and Axel Steenburg, Abigail and Adam Jackson, Mary and Rob Dyson and Allison King.

News 24 , South Africa Oct 8, 2018

11 confirmed dead in head-on collision along Naivasha-Gilgil road

Reports reaching on Sunday morning indicated the 11 passengers died instantly including the bus driver.

Tuko , Kenya Sep 30, 2018

NEWS INDEPTH: Student drivers bribing their way to death

Rampant cases of bribery in driving tests and acquiring a driver’s licence may be fuelling carnage on Kenyan roads, a fresh correlation of data showed, raising queries on the authenticity of the training programmes.

Business Daily Africa , Kenya Oct 2, 2018

Another Climax Sacco bus caught on camera being driven recklessly days after one killed 12 Kenya News

A bus belonging to Climax Sacco on Sunday, September 30, collided with an oncoming trailer as it tried to overtake another vehicle along Naivasha-Gilgil highway, killing 12 people instantly.

Tuko , Kenya Oct 3, 2018

Drinkers are more likely to die on roads than cirrhosis

Drink-driving has several times been mentioned in Kenya as a major cause of road accidents, with the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) introducing alcoblow.

The Standard , Kenya Oct 3, 2018

Tanker drivers lack formal training

Total’s Management System for Transport Coordinator, Ajibola Alaga, while addressing stakeholders during a tour of the school’s facilities, said the oil firm and other members of MOMAN understand the sensitivity of transporting petroleum products ...

The Guardian , Nigeria Oct 1, 2018

Temporary travel bans that only serve to pacify citizens

But before that, on August 29, 2013, a road crash in Ntulele, Narok County, left 40 people dead, intensifying pressure on the Government to enforce harsher rules, which paved the way for the ban on night travel for PSVs.

The Standard , Kenya Oct 10, 2018

Public outrage as Kenyans demand action after Ternan crash

President Uhuru Kenyatta, DP William Ruto and Opposition chief Raila Odinga are among the leaders who sent condolence messages to the families of the victims.

The Star , Kenya Oct 10, 2018

Kenya bus crash kills at least 50 en route to Kisumu

At least 50 people have been killed after a bus travelling from the Kenyan capital Nairobi to Kisumu, in the west, veered off the road, police say.

BBC Africa , Africa Oct 10, 2018

55 people dead in overnight bus crash in western Kenya

Kenyan emergency personnel and security forces inspect the wreckage of a bus at the site of an accident in Kericho, western Kenya.

News 24 , South Africa Oct 10, 2018

LETTERS: Let us act quickly to reduce road accidents

In countries like Japan, the cabinet office committee with the Prime Minister as chairman, would take the lead in implementation of road safety measures.

Business Daily Africa , Kenya Oct 8, 2018

Kirumira death: Videos emerge

On the night of September 8, Bulenga, a bubbly town in Wakiso district, was thrown in panic as a sudden hail of bullets tore into Assistant Superintendent of Police Muhammad Kirumira, killing him almost instantly together with his friend Resty Mba...

The Observer , Uganda Oct 4, 2018

MUGWE: Marijuana debate: Legalize it

He has asked Parliament to legalize the safe growing and use of marijuana, fund research and policy development on its medicinal and industrial value, and consider the expunction of all marijuana-related criminal records.

The Star , Kenya Oct 5, 2018