OBBO: Kung’u Karumba story reopens 40-year-old Ugandan wounds

It told the story of Kung’u Karumba, one of the “Kapenguria Six” — the prominent Kenyan nationalists, including later-Founding Father Jomo Kenyatta, who were arrested and tried in the northern Kenya town in 1952—53, jailed and released in 1961.

~ Daily Nation

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But, in the case of one debtor, a woman called Margaret, who was a mistress to a senior Ugandan military officer, my wife advised that Karumba seek the assistance of the police to get his money as she was proving unwilling to pay her debt.

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On February 6, 1981, the National Resistance Army, now UPDF, launched an attack on Kabamba Barracks in Mubende District, marking the beginning of a five-year guerrilla war that brought President Museveni to power in 1986.

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In another case, when Tom Orina, not his real name, left his parents’ Karen home in Nairobi for the US about 20 years ago to complete his undergraduate degree in business management, he did not know what awaited him.

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