Free milk programme lures pupils back to class

The free milk programme was launched by Governor Mike Sonko in September in partnership with Brookside Dairy Limited.

~ Daily Nation

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Nairobi county bans ECDE graduations over illegal charges

Nairobi county government has banned graduations in all public ECDE centres citing illegal charges.

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City Hall bans nursery school graduations

City Hall has banned graduation ceremonies in the county’s 229 pre-primary schools accusing teachers of using the events to swindle money from parents.

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Nairobi bans ECDE graduations, says parents being fleeced

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 9 – Nairobi County Government has banned Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) graduation ceremonies in all public schools across the county on grounds that parents are being fleeced.

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Mike Sonko bans nursery schools' graduations in Nairobi

- The county noted public nursery school administrators were charging parents for the ceremonies

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