Mobilizing Bebe Cool as our national poet

The contest between “Tubonga Naawe” and “Toka kwa barabara” demonstrated a moment in Uganda’s history where music was central to political mobilization.

~ The Observer

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Tuface ready for Vanguard Awards

LAGOS—WORK stopped in our head office in Lagos, yesterday, when this legend of our time breezed in on a visit to familiarise himself with our staff and signal what to expect from him on Friday.

Vanguard News , Nigeria Jan 16, 2019

When religion speaks the political language

However, since he managed to get close to the Kabaka, Stanley was passionate in his effort to denounce Islam in favour of Christianity and what followed was the now famous letter asking the Queen of England to send missionaries to ‘civilise’ Bagan...

Daily Monitor , Uganda Jan 20, 2019

Special appeal to Bobi Wine on Tuliyambala Engule song

That is why when he did the Tuliyambala Engule song, for which he is being celebrated and roasted in nearly equal measure, I felt a need to reach out to him to establish if he is still as “meticulous” in his selection of musical themes.

The Observer , Uganda Jan 16, 2019


The singer was on a visit to familiarize himself with the organization’s staff and perhaps, to set the stage for his headlining performance at Vanguard Personality of the Year awards ceremony, which held yesterday, at the prestigious Eko Hotel and...

Vanguard News , Nigeria Jan 18, 2019

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga: Lover of nature and literature

The 55-year-old lawyer cum Buganda Kingdom premier splits his domestic time between Butikkiro, where he mostly conducts formal meetings and Lweza where he wears his shorts, stretches his legs on a coffee table and enjoys a good read.

Daily Monitor , Uganda Jan 20, 2019

Moral Instructions... Another conscious work from Falz Da Bahd Guy | The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper - Nigeria and World News

Held at the Landmark Towers, Oniru, Lagos, the event, which brought together notable players in the showbiz industry, as well as friends and family members of the rapper, including his parents Mr and Mrs Femi Falana, was an opportunity for fans to...

The Guardian , Nigeria Jan 18, 2019

CELEB BUZZ: Hats off to go-getter Amina Abdi

She transformed from an unknown young nascent radio girl learning the ropes in the media industry to one of those celebrities who alter the center of gravity when they walk into a room.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 12, 2019

A celebration of vision and steadfastness

In this review of THE RIGHT WAY, a new book written by ADEDAMOLA ARE and published by University Press Plc, DR KOLADE MOSURO recounts how, in spite of overwhelming odds, a family business was nurtured through thick and thin to a huge success

Punch , Nigeria Jan 16, 2019

There is poetry and finesse in judgments

But the petitioner, Mr David Nyanjom Owak, despite his vivid descriptions of the ordeal of December 1-15, 1989, lost his case seeking State compensation.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 12, 2019

Talk By Falz: A Review

Folarin Falana aka Falz has shown just this sort of musical activism with several of his songs especially Child of the World which discusses sexual abuse and HIV/AIDS stigmatisation, This is Nigeria(which of course generated an invisible court act...

Sahara Reporters , Nigeria Jan 11, 2019

SHOWBUZZ: Lady Gaga pulls down R Kelly duet

As a victim of sexual abuse herself, Lady Gaga stated that the song and video was recorded at a time in her life that she wanted to create something extremely defiant and provocative as she was still angry and hadn’t processed the trauma.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 13, 2019

ATWOLI: Something positive out of terrible attack

Useful information and tips were shared widely, and most people were alive to the fact that the terror masterminds might have been monitoring internet and social media traffic for ideas.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 19, 2019

Falz: Receive Your Immoral Instructions | The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper - Nigeria and World News

At the private listening for his new conscious album, ‘Moral Instruction’, when asked by his younger sister, Foladele, about the accusations of slut-shaming, in the presence of his father and mother, he didn’t skip a beat.

The Guardian , Nigeria Jan 18, 2019

Phenomenal: Annet Nayiga relies on feet to make ends meet

Unlike some People with Disabilities (PWDs) in Uganda who flock Kampala streets and beg for survival, 40-year-old Annet Naiga, who was born without arms, relies on her deformed feet to earn a living and take care of herself writes, Gabriel Buule .

Daily Monitor , Uganda Jan 19, 2019

Most popular artistes neglect their children –

However, speaking to Saturday Beats, the musician noted that getting married early made him sacrifice most of his time for his family rather than his musical career.

Punch , Nigeria Jan 11, 2019

Ndawusi makes a living with his voice

The duo went under the stage name Krik Bros. One of the highlights of their earlier showcases was appearing on Uganda Television (UTV) as headliners at a Miss Tourism social fete.

Daily Monitor , Uganda Jan 13, 2019

Nigeria is not working

A few days ago, Friday 11 January, 2019, to be exact, Sam sent me an SMS and I quote: “Greetings Dear Arthur, just cant get you, please call back, Uncle Same.”

Vanguard News , Nigeria Jan 19, 2019

Negotiating infrastructure deals with China

Kampala, Uganda | FOLASHADE SOULE | You don’t negotiate with China!” I was quickly told when I started interviewing African public servants about their infrastructure deals with Beijing.

The Independent , Uganda Jan 18, 2019

Ndigbo prefer Buhari’s projects to appointments for elites – Wogu

I think the people of the South-East are more interested in the development of infrastructures and the reopening of the ports/wharfs in the Eastern zone and conducive business/economic policies targeted towards their commerce than the aggrandiseme...

Vanguard News , Nigeria Jan 13, 2019

Hugh Lewin: South African journalist, author, militant and prisoner

Hugh Lewin, who provided a unique voice on the South African story over many decades as militant, prisoner, journalist, author and much else, has died in Johannesburg at the age of 79.

IOL , South Africa Jan 19, 2019