Kivutha under fire over anti-Kalonzo rebellion

The MPs on Wednesday told off Prof Kibwana and accused of masterminding an ‘evil scheme’ to break the party and the Ukambani voting bloc.

~ Daily Nation

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Ukambani governors lead rebellion against region's kingpin Kalonzo Musyoka

The rebellion against Musyoka has been gathering steam since the Wiper boss snubbed the infamous NASA coalition swearing-in ceremony at Uhuru Park days after he promised supporter he would take oath alongside Opposition leader Raila Odinga followi...

Tuko , Kenya Jan 10, 2019

Mavoko MP seeks Wiper chairman job after Kibwana 'disrespects' Kalonzo

Makau said he has taken over the position from Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana, whom he described as "disrespectful and disloyal to the party and leader Kalonzo Musyoka".

The Star , Kenya Jan 12, 2019

Kalonzo faces fresh rebellion in Ukambani

Alfred Mutua (Machakos), Charity Ngilu (Kitui) and Kivutha Kibwana (Makueni) on Wednesday said Kambas need fresh leadership that more focused on developing the region and negotiating strongly for national resources.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 10, 2019

Mutua, Kibwana and Ngilu seek to unite Kambas ahead of 2022 poll

Three Ukambani governors Alfred Mutua, Charity Ngilu and Kivutha Kibwana on Wednesday vowed to forge a common front to unite the community before the 2022 election.

The Star , Kenya Jan 9, 2019

Kalonzo still jobless while his dominance of Ukambani under threat

“Going forward, we’ll speak with one voice to unite the community and negotiate directly with the national government on issues affecting our region,” the three declared on Wednesday, opening a new political battlefront in Ukambani.

The Star , Kenya Jan 12, 2019

Kalonzo under fire in Ukambani

Alfred Mutua (Machakos), Charity Ngilu (Kitui) and Kivutha Kibwana (Makueni) said the new movement will push the development agenda of the people of Ukambani.

The Star , Kenya Jan 14, 2019

Wiper party officials threaten to punish Kivutha Kibwana for attacking Kalonzo Musyoka

The party's newly appointed Makueni county Wiper chairman, Francis Mutuku, on Monday, January 7, dared Kibwana to attack Musyoka again.

Tuko , Kenya Jan 7, 2019

Governor Kivuta Kibwana's supporters clash with Kalonzo Musyoka's brigades at burial ceremony Kenya News

A burial ceremony in Kibwezi East constituency, Makueni county, was temporarily brought to a standstill after supporters of Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka shouted against Governor Kivuta Kibwana's brigades.

Tuko , Kenya Jan 14, 2019

Divorce me, but consult Makueni people – Kivutha

In a statement circulated on social media forums yesterday, he said the people of Makueni brought him to Wiper and they must be involved if he is to be removed.

The Star , Kenya Jan 11, 2019

No turning back on Ukambani governors' unity - Mutua

Machakos governor Alfred Mutua on Thursday said the new-found unity between him and colleagues Charity Ngilu and Prof Kivutha Kibwana is unstoppable.

The Star , Kenya Jan 10, 2019

Makueni governor Kivutha Kibwana vows to punish junior Wiper leaders disrespecting him

- Kibwana claimed Wiper party leaders are using junior members to disrupt development projects in three counties

Tuko , Kenya Jan 8, 2019

Inside Ukambani governors’ new trade deal

Ukambani governors on Sunday held a lengthy meeting to discuss ways of harmonising their development projects in bid to eradicate poverty in the three counties.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 13, 2019

Ukambani governors form People's Empowerment Movement to fight poverty

On Sunday, January 13, three governors from the region met and after wide consultations, formed a People's Empowerment Movement (PEM) set to launch the three counties on a transformative trajectory.

Tuko , Kenya Jan 13, 2019

Assembly majority leader dares Ngilu to disband the county government

The disbandment of the Kitui government, according to Majority leader Peter Kilonzo, would be “a good riddance to Ngilu’s leadership”.

The Star , Kenya Jan 9, 2019

Mutua, Ngilu and Kibwana form movement to fight poverty in Ukambani

Three Governors of Machakos, Kitui and Makueni have announced the formation of a People’s empowerment movement whose main agenda is to fight poverty, generate wealth and provide cohesion in the Ukambani region and the entire nation.

The Star , Kenya Jan 13, 2019