The cash versus the call

I guess these self-ordained preachers know that if they confuse people with power and miracle messages, then they will control their minds.

~ News 24

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Will Pentecostal pastors eat humble pie?

When an MP with Pentecostal interests, John Baptist Nambeshe, recently introduced a private member’s Bill ostensibly aimed at harmonising the registration and regulation of religious organisations, he did not know what hit him.

Daily Monitor , Uganda Feb 10, 2019

The #ShepherdBushiri phenomenon: ‘South Africans like charismatic churches’

Enlightened Christian Gathering Church founder Shepherd Bushiri addresses his followers outside court.

IOL , South Africa Feb 9, 2019

Some people will receive miracles and still go to hell — Pastor Omowunmi

The General Secretary of the Gospel Faith Mission International, GOFAMINT, Pastor Femi Omowunmi, says a church of purpose should be a place where people’s physical and spiritual needs are met.

Vanguard News , Nigeria Feb 2, 2019

Con artists go on scamming spree as Bushiri gets bail

The ECG warned its followers to avoid falling victim to scamsters on social media seeking funds to bankroll Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s legal wrangle.

IOL , South Africa Feb 6, 2019

Your weekly horoscope: February 3 to 9 2019

But finally, you're bursting with a positive outlook of the type that literally makes dreams come true.

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2019: There won’t be any cry of rigging, says Bishop Umunna

As Nigeria prepares for fresh elections, the philanthropist regarded as the king of gospel music had some words of caution for Nigerians.

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Does Nigeria's 'generation democracy' want to vote?

Nigeria's first presidential election with a generation of voters who have only known democracy takes place next weekend.

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The man behind the pulpit: Who is Shepherd Bushiri?

JOHANNESBURG - In less than five years, controversial church leader Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has grown to become one of the most talked about religious figures across southern Africa.

EWN , South Africa Feb 3, 2019

More than lovers, play!

He just couldn’t understand why she’d ask him to stop studying the Bible when his going to heaven depended on it and she herself should be following suit as a child of God.

Vanguard News , Nigeria Feb 2, 2019

Muslim group reacts to alleged plot by Buhari govt to islamize Nigeria’s judiciary

Danjuma, who recently warned Nigerians that Islamists must not rule Nigeria again, accused the Buhari administration of islamization of the judiciary.

Daily Post , Nigeria Feb 7, 2019

Bushiri devotee express defiance as 'major one' spends night in custody

Pretoria - Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church members have taken to social media platforms following the arrest of charismatic "prophet" Shepherd Bushiri, whom they affectionately call "major one", sharing messages of support and solidar...

IOL , South Africa Feb 2, 2019

Pope says priests kept nuns as sex slaves

The nuns scandal broke as the Catholic church has had to contend with a wave of cases involving paedophile priests in countries worldwide from Ireland and the United States to Australia.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 6, 2019

Emotional video of Leah Sharibu

107 of the 113 originally abducted girls had been released after negotiations with the Federal Government which claimed that five of them died on their way, leaving Leah as the lone captive because she declined to renounce her religion, Christianity.

Vanguard News , Nigeria Feb 3, 2019

Drake was the unlikely source for the Grammys' biggest moment of truth

Yeah, Drake, that sayer of only the sweetest nothings, the most obsequious superstar that rap may ever know, the guy who actually made a music video where he just goes around giving people free hugs and money.

IOL , South Africa Feb 12, 2019

Christian settlements have scanty polling units in the North — Jacob, Kaduna ex-AG – Punch Newspapers

So, these are things that naturally make Christian worship a risky venture in the North, unlike what you have in the South where people are free to go to the church.

Punch , Nigeria Feb 10, 2019

KITOTO: Pain provides a great avenue for growth

Many relationships are characterised by the feeling of loneliness and neglect by a spouse, difficulty in accepting and embracing each other’s potential and perspectives on an issue.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 3, 2019

‘It’s an easy way to make money’ | The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper - Nigeria and World News

Oliver Enwerenem, a former member in the Imo House of Assembly said unless the country’s problems are addressed, it would continue to witness youths drifting to such areas to engage themselves, economically, attributing the participation of those ...

The Guardian , Nigeria Feb 8, 2019

Woolworths buckled to the outrage police

"She orders a salad then steals your chips; she takes forever to get ready; she snuggles you to the edge of your bed; she uses your razor to shave her legs; she makes you her Instagram husband; she says she's 'fine' when you know she's not."

News 24 , South Africa Feb 6, 2019

The changing face of missionary work

Apollo Kivebulaya was an African missionary whose name remains etched in the minds of most Anglicans across Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and Burundi.

Daily Monitor , Uganda Feb 3, 2019

Any church that allows tribalism is not of God, says Ibironke | The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper - Nigeria and World News

However, we should remember that those who fought for this country’s unity with their blood and sweat didn’t do it the way this crop of politicians is doing it.

The Guardian , Nigeria Feb 9, 2019