WANJOHI: Men should now play their role in ending abortions

In a report by the Centre for Reproductive Rights, approximately 14 per cent of these pregnancies end in abortions, done by unskilled people who don’t meet minimal medical standards.

~ Daily Nation

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We enjoy sex but fear contraceptives because they are man-made trouble —Nigerian women

However, since the London conference, spearheaded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UNFPA and partners, several countries have increased their commitment to family planning including Nigeria which has resulted to significant improved funding.

Vanguard News , Nigeria Jan 19, 2019

We were naive and paying the price!

Medical experts, however, suggest that extensive health education, adequate parental care and inculcation of moral values are some of the measures to curb the growing incidence of teenage pregnancy in the country.

Vanguard News , Nigeria Jan 19, 2019

In India, ‘It’s a girl!’ is not always good news

The forum was attended by more than 1,200 delegates from 80 countries and was aimed at finding viable solutions to increase funding towards maternal and child health and reduce mortalities.

The Observer , Uganda Jan 23, 2019

Sexuality education can be delivered by religious institutions

It was written in response to the remarks attributed to Kampala Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, where he was quoted by the media expressing discomfort with some aspects of the policy.

Daily Monitor , Uganda Jan 18, 2019

MY STORY: Abortions changed my life

One day a lady who was working at Crisis Pregnancy Ministries, a centre that counsels against procuring abortions, asked whether I would visit them.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 19, 2019

Motherhood is damaging most women's mental health -Study

For every first time mother, one thing is common, every new day presents new challenge with their new bundle of joy, and most of them will confess of being drained both mentally and physically.

Tuko , Kenya Jan 23, 2019

The HIV/AIDS Epidemic could be getting Worse among Women | The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper - Nigeria and World News

HIV is dispersed mainly by unprotected anal and oral sex, contaminated blood transfusions, sharing hypodermic needles, and from mother to child during pregnancy, delivery, or breastfeeding.

The Guardian , Nigeria Jan 18, 2019

ONEYA: Why we need more bad women

One of my university lecturers, an accomplished, successful woman by any stretch of the imagination, once confessed to me that her mother worriedly pulled her aside when she got her PhD and told her not to use her title (Doctor) because she would ...

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 23, 2019

Yeast infection in men: symptoms, causes and treatment

In both men and women, yeast is common in the groin area due to the dark, warm, and moist environment – which offers optimal condition for fungal growth.

Tuko , Kenya Jan 14, 2019

How couples can overcome waning sex drive in marriage

This kind of emotional and physical rut can also happen if either spouse places too much attention on other corners of life, especially focusing on work or on taking care of the kids, which can lead to cutting back on time solely devoted to the hu...

Punch , Nigeria Jan 18, 2019

Managing life after war: how young people in Uganda are coping

For over two decades between 1986 and 2006, northern Uganda experienced a prolonged conflict pitting government forces against the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels.

News 24 , South Africa Jan 14, 2019

Dealing with obesity when you are struggling with infertility

Visiting colleagues, neighbours, friends and families at this period coupled with attending series of parties and generally indulging in heavy lunches or dinners and treats, it would require efforts to maintain normal weight.

Punch , Nigeria Jan 18, 2019

NTHIGA: Dealing with pain after child-birth

Most headaches after childbirth stem from a few sources: Neck and shoulder muscle strain; a child dramatically changes your routine; nutritional imbalances – breastfeeding mothers give their babies a lot of energy, vitamins, and minerals in their ...

Business Daily Africa , Kenya Jan 22, 2019

As pastor’s wife, people judge you before knowing you — Ibidunni Ighodalo – Punch Newspapers

I am not one to toot my own horn but it has encouraged both men and women to seek help; to show them that though there is a societal or family stigma, life can still be enjoyed while you wait.

Punch , Nigeria Jan 13, 2019

I am consumed by the desire to help individuals,organisations attain emotional stability — Oyinkansola Alabi

Breaking: MC Oluomo discharged from Lagos hospital, travels abroad

Vanguard News , Nigeria Jan 16, 2019

Raising responsible men/husbands starts with boys today

Many people perceive the endless lists of expectations and roles to be played by the girl child as an intention to train her to become a responsible woman in marriage.

New Vision , Uganda Jan 21, 2019

The Passage Of The #GEOBill Is Long Overdue By Chioma Agwuegbo

Being female in Nigeria can be considered an extreme sport, with women and girls perpetually playing the odds in a game where the house is rigged to win.

Sahara Reporters , Nigeria Jan 17, 2019

THANG'WA: Natembeya's decree on FGM and pregnancy tests for

His strict approach to the way chiefs handle these matters on the ground is commendable and a majority of Kenyans agree that teenage pregnancies are a menace that interrupt a child’s life and growth, thereby negatively affecting their future oppor...

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 14, 2019

‘Dearth of Mentoring in Business & Politics’, women’s perspective

As we gear up for another celebration coming up March 8, 2019, we bring you on-point excerpts from women who graced our roundtable last year.

Vanguard News , Nigeria Jan 16, 2019

39 weeks pregnant: Symptoms, signs and what to expect

During this pregnancy period, a thick plug of mucus containing antibacterial properties will be situated around the cervical opening to block entry of bacteria which can infect the developing child and uterus.

Tuko , Kenya Jan 17, 2019