More than lovers, play!

He just couldn’t understand why she’d ask him to stop studying the Bible when his going to heaven depended on it and she herself should be following suit as a child of God.

~ Vanguard News

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Helping himself to a glass of water while his wife looked on, Papa as he is fondly called in their Aiyedere community, a small neighbourhood in the heart of Ketu, a bustling town in Lagos, soon set the stage for what can be regarded as not just as...

Punch , Nigeria Feb 2, 2019

His priority is the mother of his child

However, always know that a real man has to take care of his children, especially when he doesn’t live with them, he feels guilty and makes up with spending a lot on them.

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In your case, depending on the age group you are targeting, they are most likely too set in their ways to want to transform into the settling type.

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10 Red flags to watch out for before marriage

The desire to get married could be so intoxicating at times that people, consciously or subconsciously, ignore signs that should warn them of the dangers that would definitely arise if they eventually settle down with the potential partner.

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When hurricane infidelity hits your marriage!

They were a sort of role model of the group, the ones you invited to the house when you just felt like hanging out… the ones who gladly ran errands for you, the ones you called when you needed a leg-up.

Vanguard News , Nigeria Feb 1, 2019

25 hilarious quotes about love

To keep that relationship spicy, lasting and fresh it is important that you infuse your actions with a sense of humor as it will make your moments together exceptional.

Tuko , Kenya Jan 28, 2019

Dad used to watch football until Super Eagles almost gave him a heart attack — Sam Ohuabunwa’s daughter

He was involved in many things and as a pharmacist, he climbed the ladder of his career to become the managing director of Pfizer and later he became the founding chairman of Neimeth, a position he occupied till 2011.

Punch , Nigeria Feb 3, 2019

'I couldn't save him': One US family's pain after a heroin overdose

There is nothing left to do, no more frantic phone calls to make, no begging or fighting that can fix this because the worst thing that could happen already has, so Doug Biggers settles into his recliner and braces for his daughter's voice to echo...

News 24 , South Africa Jan 29, 2019

‘I’m naturally drawn to young people, I understand their fears, challenges’ | The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper - Nigeria and World News

Daaor’s experience spans over 16 years of involvement in HIV/Aids research, programme planning and human resource management with bias to recruitment, team building and organizational conflict resolution.

The Guardian , Nigeria Feb 1, 2019

BIKO INTERVIEW: Makers of Furniture Fit for Royalty

Around a century ago, a Sikh called Kundan Singh Panesar, born in a long line of craftsmen, was making bull-carts using steel and wood in India.

Business Daily Africa , Kenya Feb 1, 2019

Dad wanted me to marry woman older than me before I met my wife

Before he got married to his wife, Nkechi, the comedian, whose use of unique slangs and phrases endeared him to many lovers of Nigerian movies, confessed that he faced a lot of challenges, which has, today, defined who he is.

Vanguard News , Nigeria Feb 2, 2019

My husband is a serial cheat. Will he stop?

In a situation like this, women either continue with the relationship due to societal pressure or thinking about children as they don’t want them to be brought up in a broken family.

Daily Monitor , Uganda Jan 31, 2019

LIZZIE'S WORLD: The new job appointment

“Why?” I lean forward in my chair, wondering if Jo is questioning my sense of judgement — although I must admit, it has not been the best in the past and I am not surprised she would have concerns.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 2, 2019

What can you not do for love?

Aside from not being able to kill myself, I can never do any form of menial job like being a conductor, driver or mechanic just to give any woman money.

Punch , Nigeria Feb 2, 2019

I cried the day my teacher gave me his savings to keep me in university – Prof Adeniyi, former FUTA VC – Punch Newspapers

Former Vice-Chancellor of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Prof Peter Adeniyi, shares his life experience with ADEMOLA OLONILUA and TUNDE AJAJA

Punch , Nigeria Feb 1, 2019

Most Nigeria Housewives Will Be Faithful, If Their Husband Knows This Hidden Bedroom Secret …You Will Be Shocked!!!

70% Of Nigeria men don’t satisfy their wives due to so many factors and recently women are becoming sexual tigers.The rate at which housewives cheat of late is just at an alarming rate..Dont be a victim..HERE IS THE SOLUTION TO STEPPING UP YOUR BE...

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Bizarre rituals that ruined a marriage!

His wife, stark naked had some white spots dotted all over her body and she was holding a cock in each hand, dancing in a frenzy around the pot and stamping her feet on the floor.

Vanguard News , Nigeria Feb 2, 2019

20 hilarious quotes about school

Considering how challenging the entire process may get, it would be ideal to add some humor and encouragement for those moments when you feel like you lack the focus or motivation.

Tuko , Kenya Feb 4, 2019

Stardom has robbed me of many things –Waje – Punch Newspapers

A graduate of social work from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and an advocate for people’s right to equality of opportunity, she tells ERIC DUMO how she has managed to handle societal expectations of her

Punch , Nigeria Feb 1, 2019

Why I left Nigeria for UK at the peak of my career – Opeyemi Aiyeola

She later resumed acting in 2017, but while speaking to Saturday Beats, Aiyeola noted that a lot of things had changed in the industry from the time she left in 2007.

Punch , Nigeria Feb 2, 2019