Saleh’s Shs600b plan for Rwenzori

In 2001, before the cultural institution was officially recognised, its loyalists mobilised the population to vote for Dr Kizza Besigye, who had promised them recognition, ending up as the only district in western Uganda to reject President Museveni in that election.

~ Daily Monitor

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FDC suspends leader for attending NRM meeting

Speaking to journalists at his office on Monday, Mr Maate explained: “We turned down the invitation to attend the meeting because it was not serving the interests of FDC party.

Daily Monitor , Uganda Jan 8, 2019

Gen Saleh discovers Kasese, and Kasese rediscovers self too

From Kasese Town centre, the asphalt road to Kyenjojo cut around the hills on the eastern bank of River Nyamwamba like an African boa constrictor.

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When Ugandans are feeling low, they do this – with coffee

Every now and then, when things are really gloomy in Uganda, like the security forces have savagely beaten up Opposition supporters and it is a big story of savagery internationally, Ugandans will seek refugee in the brighter side of their country...

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British MPs want Ugandan govt sanctioned

The UK minister of State for Africa, Mr Harriett Baldwin, on Tuesday evening said adherence to democracy and democratic processes such as rule of law and strong institutions are at the core of their development agenda in Uganda and they continue t...

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What a ‘normal’ DR Congo would mean for Uganda

Already, Felix Tshisekedi, 55, the disputed winner of the December 30 elections, is reported to have cut a number of deals with different groups, including outgoing president Joseph Kabila and authorities in Kampala before he was, surprisingly, ha...

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Election campaigns: Low in content, high in accusations

In developed climes, the electorate do not only have the opportunities of listening to their candidates when they unveil their plans, they also have the chance to interact with them in form of question and answer sessions, to put issues in proper ...

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