Aukot close to 1 million signatures for referendum

Thirdway has proposed a referendum to introduce a seven-year-one-term presidency, install 194 members of the National Assembly and the Senate, down from the current 417, abolish nominations in both Houses, as well as impose a life sentence on people convicted of corruption and theft of public funds.

~ Daily Nation

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Referendum debate hots up as key rival politicians close ranks

Yesterday, the plebiscite push- believed to be the baby of NASA leader Raila Odinga - gained momentum after Deputy President William Ruto jumped on the bandwagon through measured public statements.

The Standard , Kenya Oct 6, 2018

Kenya split over calls to change law before 2022

Mounting calls for a referendum to change the Kenyan Constitution in order to rearrange the executive structure, strengthen devolution and fix election related conflicts have divided political leaders down the middle.

The East African , Kenya Oct 6, 2018

Rotational presidency and PM post in new referendum push

The proposal was the second in a week after Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny’s Constitution Bill 2018 seeking to have a powerful post of leader of official Opposition which will be taken up by the presidential runners up in the General Election.

The Standard , Kenya Oct 13, 2018

DP leader opposes ‘costly’ referendum

DP National organising secretary Peter Njagi yesterday said those calling for the referendum should instead support the Big Four Agenda for the well-being of Kenya.

The Star , Kenya Oct 10, 2018

Raila is right about the referendum - Mutahi Ngunyi

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria said Kenyans needed a constitutional change to reduce the number of elected leaders as a means of cutting down on the high national budget.

Tuko , Kenya Oct 4, 2018

Western leaders demand key role in law redraft

Members of Parliament form western Kenya have opposed the creation of a prime minister's post during review of the Constitution.

The Standard , Kenya Oct 10, 2018

Oparanya backs Raila’s call for referendum, tells off local MPs

Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya has differed with western leaders and decided to support the referrendum call by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

The Star , Kenya Oct 4, 2018

Ruto: Referendum must improve lives, not create posts

Deputy President William Ruto and a section of Mount Kenya politicians have now backed the referendum calls but vowed to vote against it if the planned changes are meant to create a prime minister’s position for ODM leaders Raila Odinga.

Daily Nation , Kenya Oct 6, 2018

Ruto: Don’t divide Kenyans with referendum push

Umeona hata yule mtu wa kitendawili sasa tunafanya na yeye (you have seen that even the opposition chief Raila Odinga is working with us),” said Mr Ruto.

Daily Nation , Kenya Oct 9, 2018

Fear of isolation changed Ruto's tune on referendum

Fear of isolation by major political players supporting a referendum openly or behind the scenes forced Deputy President William Ruto to abandon his hardline opposition to constitutional changes.

The Star , Kenya Oct 9, 2018

William Ruto makes abrupt about turn, supports push for referendum

Speaking in Tharaka Nithi on Saturday, October 6, Ruto was categorical that individuals who thought he was afraid of the referendum were wrong, saying he was only opposed to it because he was busy implementing Jubilee government's Big Four agenda.

Tuko , Kenya Oct 6, 2018

Why Ruto changed tune on referendum

Fear of isolation by major political players supporting a referendum openly or behind the scenes forced Deputy President William Ruto to abandon his hardline opposition to constitutional changes.

The Star , Kenya Oct 9, 2018

Sharp divisions continue over referendum call

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 4 – Calls for a referendum to reduce the number of representatives in the country continue to spark sharp division among elected leaders and even ordinary citizens.

Capital News , Kenya Oct 4, 2018

Referendum is for idlers, says Ruto

His statement is adrift of what he said in Tharaka Nithi a week ago when he told those agitating for changes to the Constitution to agree on what they wanted included or removed and bring to the table because Jubilee was focused on implementing th...

The Star , Kenya Oct 13, 2018

Oparanya differs with Western leaders, backs Raila's referendum bid

Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya has differed with leaders from Western who have expressed reservations with the call for a referendum to change the government's structure.

The Star , Kenya Oct 4, 2018

Cracks over timing of referendum as Ruto allies scheme to upstage rivals

As Kenyatta and Raila look to the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) to push the drive to the periphery of the President’s term, Ruto is desiring a mid-term plebiscite to secure his position ahead of the succession election in 2022.

The Standard , Kenya Oct 13, 2018

Mutahi Ngunyi stirs KOT reaction after backing Raila's referendum calls

Kenyans on social media were of Friday divided in opinion after political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi said ODM party leader Raila Odinga is right on push for a referendum.

The Star , Kenya Oct 5, 2018

Inside Ruto and Raila political war

At the heart of the renewed rivalry between Opposition leader Raila Odinga and DP William Ruto is the push for a referendum, government appointments, closeness with the President and 2022 politics, Saturday Standard has learned.

The Standard , Kenya Oct 5, 2018

Referendum calls gather steam as Kakamega governor throws weight behind Raila Odinga Kenya News

Speaking in support of Opposition leader Raila Odinga who has strongly called for a change of the supreme law to create new top political offices and compress current 47 counties into 14 regional blocks, Oparanya said proposed reforms, though cost...

Tuko , Kenya Oct 4, 2018

Raila’s allies wary of Ruto’s referendum support

National Assembly Minority Whip Junet Mohamed Sunday welcomed the DP’s change of tune but described as “irrelevant” conditions his allies have given in exchange to fully support the amendment to the supreme law.

Daily Nation , Kenya Oct 8, 2018