Boardroom tussles rock Kenya Pipeline

Internal documents show the company has declined to pay oil marketers for the loss of 11 million liters of fuel, which has accentuated boardroom wars at the critical corporation.

~ The Star

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KPC crisis meeting aborts due to lack of quorum

A crisis meeting called by the Kenya Pipeline Company aborted yesterday after the board failed to raise the quorum to discuss the ouster of top managers.

The Standard , Kenya Nov 27, 2018

KPC to hold crisis board meeting as MPs probe Sh1 billion oil loss

The committee chaired by Nakuru Town East MP David Gikaria will seek answers from the KPC management on how the oil was lost as well as listen to the firms’ claims.

The Star , Kenya Dec 3, 2018

Scandal of Sh1bn 'spilt' oil at KPC

Suspecting foul play, 10 leading oil marketers wrote a joint letter on October 26, 2018, and informed KPC that they want to bring in their own technical experts from abroad to check the accuracy of stock statements issued by the corporation and ge...

Daily Nation , Kenya Nov 23, 2018

Kenya Pipeline keeps oil marketers in dark over loss of 23m

The special board meeting, called by KPC chairman John Ngumi, and which was to discuss the fuel loss scam, flopped after three members gave it a wide berth, albeit with reasons.

Daily Nation , Kenya Nov 28, 2018

Kenya Pipeline fuel loss hits Sh2 billion

Kenya Pipeline Company will be in the spotlight today after the board called for a special meeting with senior managers to explain a fuel loss that has now climbed to 23 million litres — and which insurance firms say they will not pay for.

Daily Nation , Kenya Nov 26, 2018

How the fuel racket works at KPC

How 8 million litres could spill without raising any environmental alarm has also baffled the industry with fingers pointed at the KPC management which, despite lack of evidence on the ground, insists that they had lost such a humongous amount of ...

Daily Nation , Kenya Nov 23, 2018

EDITORIAL: Get to the bottom of KPC fraud allegation

As expected the matter has elicited strong concern from the public, and rattled the oil industry, even as the rank and file at the parastatal live in fear of a looming date with investigators.

Daily Nation , Kenya Nov 27, 2018

State House unit visits troubled oil pipeline firm

All department heads and general managers are expected to meet the team from PDU, which monitors the implementation of the Jubilee administration's key projects.

The Standard , Kenya Nov 29, 2018