China fish imports hit record high of Sh1.7bn

The value of fish imported from China increased by 11.8 percent to a historic high of Sh1.7 billion last year, raising more disquiet from local traders who complain of being edged of the market by the cheaper supplies.

~ Business Daily Africa

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Why Chinese fish should worry you

Laboratory tests commissioned by the Nation two weeks ago revealed that fish imported from China had traces of mercury, lead, arsenic and copper, exposing millions to health risks.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 8, 2019

EDITORIAL: Curb fish imports threat

The best justification of the fishing industry’s outcry about the threat posed by Chinese imports is the record amount shipped in last year.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 7, 2019

China garlic hits 50pc of Kenya’s market supply

Official data indicate that Kenya imported 50 per cent of garlic from China as traders moved to bridge the huge supply gap.

Business Daily Africa , Kenya Feb 10, 2019

On Lake Victoria, a green stain spreads across Africa's blue heart

PIC: The dredger MV Mango Tree, tasked with removing water weeds on Lake Victoria and turning them into fertiliser, lands at the Kisumu Port docks.

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On Lake Victoria, a green stain spreads across Africa's blue

With nets piled onto wooden boats, a group of fishermen joke while gazing out across Lake Victoria and the vast green weed clogging up the waterway.

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A green stain spreads across Africa's blue heart

The water hyacinth thrives on chemicals including phosphorus, which is found in high quantities in Lake Victoria due to fertiliser run-off from nearby farms.

Daily Nation , Kenya Feb 8, 2019

Tanzania plans to ban fish imports from China

“We are looking to protect Tanzania’s marine resources through proper arrangements for commercial fishing, to make it beneficial to those in the business,” Mr Mpina said.

The East African , Kenya Feb 11, 2019

EDITORIAL: Adopt policies that will cut China fish imports

It would, therefore, make long-term economic sense for the government to provide incentives for investors who buy or lease such equipment to ensure that the country better exploits its marine resources.

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Tanzania to ban foreign fish imports in a bid to boost local industry

JOHANNESBURG – Tanzania is taking steps to boost its local fisheries by banning fish imports, especially from China and Vietnam, according to a report on Tuesday.

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Proposed fisheries law to stir sector growth

These, coupled with weak legal and institutional frameworks are major bottlenecks to the development of a favorable fisheries and aquaculture sub-sector in Uganda.

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