EDITORIAL: Vet private guards before arming them

We all recognise that terror remains a veritable threat and that we must beef up security operations, intensify vigilance and involve everyone in safekeeping.

~ Daily Nation

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State announces plans to give private guards guns

Security companies will also be vetted to weed out criminals in the industry before licensing private guards to own guns.

The Star , Kenya Jan 18, 2019

Firearm holders to get special ID cards - Matiang'i

Licensed civilian firearm holders have up to March 18 to acquire special identification cards introduced by the Interior ministry.

The Star , Kenya Jan 21, 2019

MPs want guidelines in place before arming private guards

Meanwhile, the Peoples’ Power Watch lobby group said the guards should be armed, with its chairman, Mr Jesse Karanja, calling for speeding up of the process.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 20, 2019

Private guards will soon be armed - Security Regulatory Authority

He said Tuesday’s terror attack at the DusitD2 hotel and business complex on 14 Riverside could have easily been prevented had the security guards at the gate been armed.

The Star , Kenya Jan 18, 2019

Kenya to arm private security guards after al-Shabab attack

Armed contractors will "guard key installations" where there is "a lot of human traffic", Fazul Mahamed, director general of the Private Security Regulatory Authority, said in a media briefing late on Friday.

Al Jazeera , Africa Jan 19, 2019

EDITORIAL: Arm private security guards with shotguns

Thieves can safely attack a house because the security guard will only have a rungu or bow and arrow.

The Star , Kenya Jan 21, 2019

Conduct military-like training before arming guards, rights group tells government

Executive director Derick Ngumu on Saturday told journalists that the sentries should undergo mental checkup to avoid arming people possessing any form of disorder.

The Star , Kenya Jan 19, 2019

Private security guards manning key areas to soon own guns after DusitD2 terror attack Kenya News

However, the guards will only be licensed to carry the firearms while on duty and after going through thorough vetting and training on how to handle the guns.

Tuko , Kenya Jan 18, 2019

Bolsonaro loosens gun laws in Brazil, world murder capital

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday signed a decree making it easier for many Brazilians to own firearms, the first of many expected changes by the nascent administration to overhaul gun laws in the nation that leads the world in total ho...

News 24 , South Africa Jan 16, 2019

ODOTE: Guards need proper tools, training

This explains the clarion call by the President that citizens must take action to ensure their safety and that of their neigbourhood and country.

Business Daily Africa , Kenya Jan 20, 2019

Majority of Kenyans do not want private security guards given guns

A recent survey by TUKO.co.ke has indicated a majority (59%) of Kenyans are not comfortable with arming the private security guards over various reasons.

Tuko , Kenya Jan 22, 2019

EDITORIAL: Gun control plan timely

The move to monitor and control the guns in the hands of civilians is progressive, especially in the wake of last week's terrorist attack and a general rise in gun-related crimes in recent times.

Business Daily Africa , Kenya Jan 22, 2019

Police scale up security in Kampala public places

The number of police officers deployed to man the places have almost doubled up; with visitors and anyone accessing the premises subjected to thorough checks, a change in tact compared with the days before terrorists struck DusitD2 hotel in Nairob...

Daily Monitor , Uganda Jan 22, 2019

The assassination of Alex Badeh, insecurity and the privatisation of the police (3)

Even on short time basis, police officers on clearly illegal assignments accompany those who can afford it to navigate dangerous highways or simply join the travelling convoy of a private individual for protection against armed robbers or indeed j...

Vanguard News , Nigeria Jan 15, 2019

EDITORIAL: Fresh gun licensing is good for public safety

When terrorists struck the Dusit complex in Nairobi last week, several civilians — some of dubious backgrounds, including shadowy politicians — emerged with sophisticated firearms that they liberally showed off, irrespective of the inherent risks.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 21, 2019

Alarm over secret arming of reservists

Multiple highly placed sources within security circles told the Star the guns were confiscated on orders of Kenya Deputy Inspector General Edward Mbugua.

The Star , Kenya Jan 14, 2019

Terrorists pre-stocked weapons in Dusit, Party rebellions, Little known virgin beach: Your Breakfast Briefing

An affidavit filed by policewoman Monica Githaiga says on the fateful day, taxi driver Oliver Muthee, drove motor vehicle registration KBR 243D to Dusit with one of the killers.

The Star , Kenya Jan 19, 2019

Memorial held for victims of al-Shabab attack in Nairobi

A memorial service has been held in the Kenyan capital Nairobi on Tuesday for some of the victims of last week's deadly hotel and office complex attack.

Al Jazeera , Africa Jan 22, 2019

Private guards to carry guns

Private security guards manning public places will now be licensed to carry firearms while on duty after fresh training and vetting, authorities said Friday.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 18, 2019

Mudavadi's advice on tougher anti-terror war

In the wake of the dusitD2 attack by Al-Shabaab terrorists and the call for vigilance by all Kenyans, politician Musalia Mudavadi has asked the government to weed out officers who take bribes to let them into the country.

Daily Nation , Kenya Jan 20, 2019